Animated Election Time PowerPoint Template

In the wake of the latest elections in your country you might be asked to prepare a presentation at school or might require a presentation template to make a convincing case for your preferred candidate; be it at a formal event, high school election campaign or political event.

Tips To Use PowerPoint Effectively

PowerPoint has become an essential requirement for business people to deliver awesome presentations in order to impress the target audience. But, sometimes the presentations created to impress the audience can result in a bad, dull and boring PowerPoint.

Best Tablets For PowerPoint Presentations

It’s raining tabs! Whether you prefer a Samsung, a Toshiba, Dell, Sony, BlackBerry, Asus or Amazon; we all know that most of them have almost the same specifications!

Animated Factory PowerPoint Templates

There can be a million reasons why you might require depicting a factory in a presentation slide. Ranging from topics related to company policy, assembly line and production related issues to more complex topics like global warming, a factory image, animation or diagram might be required for presentations; e.g for topics related to business or […]

Battling Social Stigma Using The Power Of Persuasive Speech

The word stigma is a broad term that is used to describe the stereotypical attitudes and opinions that people have towards people suffering from a mental or physical illness. Although not apparent enough majority of the people in the world are opinionated negatively towards people with an illness such as HIV AIDS along with a […]

Powerful Speeches: The Voice To A Cause

Every cause has an agenda and the success of that cause rests heavily on how the individuals associated with the cause put forth their point. A cause needs representation, a voice that echoes through the lands and leaves a mark on the masses, make them connect with it and propel the cause to greater heights […]

Biggest Mistakes Seasoned Orators Make

There are some really great speakers out there, speakers that have been motivating and initiating action amongst people for a long time. We can all agree on one thing that the level of confidence that we possess increases with every speech that we deliver and soon before we know this confidence starts to go a […]

Despicable Habits Of Seasoned Speakers

No matter what your field, experience does play a crucial role in bringing you that taste of success. For a public speaker, there are many obstacles such as stage fright and awkward body language that are completely omitted only after thorough practice, usually with experience. But there is also a downside to all this experience.

Deliver Persuasive Public Speeches To Develop Leadership Skills

In order to develop your leadership skills, you need to deliver persuasive speeches in public. This is one of the most common things that most people have a fear of. But if we take a look in the past, people with amazing leadership skills were amongst the top public speakers all across the world. For […]

How To Synchronize Your Slide Show With Your Speech

If you have ever given a speech with a presentation running in the background you would understand the difficulty synchronizing the two poses for a speaker. It happens more often than not for a number of academic as well as public speakers that the synchronization between their speech and the presentation that they had prepared […]

Why Humour is An Integral Part Of A Great Speech?

Public speaking is an art, delivering a great speech needs much more than confidence and a well written speech that you have memorized over a span of days tweaking and twisting it here and there. It needs a personalize touch to grip the audience and engage them.

Giving A Farewell Speech At Your Workplace

Bidding farewell is always a difficult task, a rush of emotions and thoughts clouds your mind and you tend to blurt out things that you might regret. In a professional environment farewells are more of a way to say thank you as well as keeping things cordial while you are moving on in your career.