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8 Ways To Make Online Presentations Smoother

Here are 8 tips to help make sure your next online presentation goes smoothly.

7 Effective Ways To Promote Your PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoints aren’t just for meetings. They are also a useful way to create and provide easy-to-understand reports, tutorials, infographics, and other business information. They can also be used as digital promos, portfolios, or slideshows. However you use a PowerPoint or other type of presentation beyond meetings, you should share them in order to get maximum […]


Ways to Make the Most of your PowerPoint Skills on your Resume

A PowerPoint presentation skill is the ability to create a presentation using the PowerPoint software program. This skill includes the ability to choose an appropriate template, add text and graphics, and format the slides in a way that is visually appealing and easy to follow. Presentations created with PowerPoint can be used for a variety […]

Free Image Resizer: A Free Online App to Resize Images

Reducing the resolution and size of an image can be quite frustrating if you can’t seem to get things right. The default apps like the Mac Preview app or Photos app in Windows provide limited functionality for resizing images. Furthermore, one might need an image resizing utility on the go when using different devices such […]

Using PowerPoint In Education and Essay Writing

Microsoft PowerPoint originated in the business world but is now widely used as a tool for educational purposes. A typical PowerPoint presentation usually contains diagrams, pictures, graphs, and bullet points.  Students can remember information better when presented in such a visual, dynamic way. The slides can help keep teachers on track, and a combination of […]

Best Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

Roadmaps are used by organizations and individuals to outline project plans. A roadmap can be a good way of mapping the major deadlines for different milestones and provides a plan of action that can be referred to for keeping an eye on the progress of a venture. We have created a list of the Best […]