No matter what your field, experience does play a crucial role in bringing you that taste of success. For a public speaker, there are many obstacles such as stage fright and awkward body language that are completely omitted only after thorough practice, usually with experience. But there is also a downside to all this experience.

bad habits of seasoned speakers


Seasoned speakers, over the time also develop some habits that are rather loathsome! Let us a take a look at five such habits:

Fixed, Fake Smile at all Times

Yes, we often find them seasoned speakers carry that big smile while speaking each time. But make this a habit and you lose the charm of a true speaker. How? Out of this habit of carrying a fake smile at all times you may not be able to bring out the sadness pertaining to a certain context. This means you will end up narrating a story that has no soul to stir the emotions of the audience.

Quitting Scripting Each Presentation

With experience one starts relying more on memory than on a script to be followed word by word. This isn’t a bad thing at all. But beyond a point you will not be able to better yourself. Then you will feel the need to go back to scripting to improvise such ways that will add that surprise element for your audience who are used to your usual style of presentation.

Delivering a Drama Each Time

The art of story-telling is what every speaker appreciates for he knows it to be a great means for user engagement. Add a little drama to it as a twist of flavor and you will win the audience. But drama doesn’t work every time. It is good to tickle their funny bone but you must portray those strong emotions with utter seriousness wherever needed.


Drifting Away in Interaction

When you are a seasoned speaker you sure are overwhelmed with the love that the audience showers upon you. But in all that glory you must not drift away from the topic of the presentation, which is usually a problem with many renowned speakers.

Excessive Questioning

Yes, interacting is important indeed. But the level of interaction during a presentation depends largely on the type of audience. As seasoned speakers we sometimes happen to have very little tolerance to unresponsive audience which is wrong. Too much of random questioning may put off a certain audience completely. So beware!

So these were some of the despicable habits of seasoned speakers at a glance. If you too have enough experience to be considered amongst the finest speakers, assure that you avoid developing these habits!