In order to develop your leadership skills, you need to deliver persuasive speeches in public. This is one of the most common things that most people have a fear of. But if we take a look in the past, people with amazing leadership skills were amongst the top public speakers all across the world. For young people, participation in various youth groups will benefit them the most to enhance their public speaking skills.

A competitive public speech session, whether at national, state, regional or local level, by the individuals like judges and coaches can help lasting a good impact on the participants. For the beginners or inexperienced speakers, it is highly recommended to focus on dramatization or dramatic presentation skills. A speaker must be able to find the correct balance between performance and communication.

persuasive public speech

If you want to overcome your public speaking hesitance to develop leadership skills, you need to start participating in various speech competitions from where you can boost up your speaking skills as well as can come across your limitations too. To deliver a good persuasive public speech you need to concentrate on two basic things:

  • Preparation
  • Delivery

Preparation is one of the basic and important steps to deliver a good speech to your targeted audience. It requires several things to consider at priority such as analyzing the audience, purpose and topic, content, structure, development of the body, a brief introduction and last but not the least is development of a strong conclusion.

Next comes the most important part of your persuasive speech or presentation – “Delivery”. To deliver an influential speech on your audience, you can prefer making notes or can memorize your speech. You always need to take care of wordings being used during the session and simple and easily understandable words must be used. While delivering a good persuasive speech, do not stand at one place rather utilize full space on the stage.

Along with the vocal delivery, do not forget to make use of gestures. It impacts a lot on the audience. Finally, audience interaction is highly important. All these things would surely help you in developing leadership skills.