There can be a million reasons why you might require depicting a factory in a presentation slide. Ranging from topics related to company policy, assembly line and production related issues to more complex topics like global warming, a factory image, animation or diagram might be required for presentations; e.g for topics related to business or education.

You can make your presentations more interesting by using animations and interesting factory clipart images to make your presentation slides more appealing. We have a list of some fine Animated Factory PowerPoint Templates with animations, video backgrounds, clipart, charts and more.


Animated factory PowerPoint templates

Factory PowerPoint Template With Animations

This animated template depicts robot arms working on a conveyor belt. You can customize this animation by adding your own title and company logo. The succeeding slides provide a mix of tables, charts, clipart and SmartArt Graphics with customizable layouts.

Animated factory powerpoint template

You can easily edit the given sample layouts and even enhance them with your own images and other modifications, right from within PowerPoint. The slides are designed to be generic so you can easily adjust them according to any presentation topic.


Factory SmartArt diagram

This animated factory template is available for both Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint, but you can also open it in Google Slides without the animations.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Factory PowerPoint Template

Factory clipart images


Standalone Factory Video Animation for PowerPoint

This is a standalone version of the animation depicted in the above template. You can customize this animation by adding custom text to the boxes shown in the animation. To customize the text shown in the animation, go to the developer’s link given below, click Add Custom Text tab and enter your desired text. You can also customize the TINT, Brightness and Saturation before downloading the animation as a PowerPoint Template or in a preferred video format.

Automated factory animation

This video animation can be downloaded in these formats:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Video (Flash, WMV or MOV)

Go to Presenter Media – Automated Factory Video Background Template

Customize  factory animation

Steam Factory Video Animation for PowerPoint

This is another customizable video animation which can be customized with your own text to present an important topic or sub-topic amidst a steam factory video background.


Steam factory video background

This video animation template can be downloaded for:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Video (Flash, WMV or MOV)

Go to Presenter Media – Steam Factory Video Background Template

Steam factory animated slide

Retro Robot Clipart

Last, but not least, you can also use this Retro Robot clipart in your presentations by downloading it as a JPG or PNG image in custom resolution.

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Retro robot clipart