Every cause has an agenda and the success of that cause rests heavily on how the individuals associated with the cause put forth their point. A cause needs representation, a voice that echoes through the lands and leaves a mark on the masses, make them connect with it and propel the cause to greater heights of success, empowering it to bring the change that it always stood for.

Powerful speeches have always been an amazing way to gain traction and connect with the people, with the right balance of content and expression, orators have turned the tables in their favour, be it Nelson Mandela  or Martin Luther king or Mahatma Gandhi they all have harnessed the power of speech to move the masses in favour of their cause.


power of speech

A powerful speech that has the right mix of persuasiveness and emotional connect can help give any cause a platform to represent itself and act as the voice that represents it in front of the audience. Every cause needs a voice and what better way to empower the process than powerful speeches delivered with the utmost passion.

To give your speech the power it needs to drive your audience here are some tips

Fact Files

Always make sure that you make use of facts and figures. Any audience gets involved with the facts and it builds interest in what you have to say. Make it a point that you use only factual details and don’t just cook things up, it can do more harm than good. Although it might consume some time but there is nothing better than a speech full of facts and figures that shifts the balance in your favour.


Build Around Your Cause

Always keep your cause at the centre and build around it. Make sure that you don’t go off the topic. Try and connect all the dots and create a meaningful picture that is directly related to your cause and helps make an impact on the audience. If you think that only an emotional speech will fetch you the results then you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Harmonize Emotions And Content

No doubt, there is a dire need to add emotions to the speech that you want to deliver but make sure that you back those emotions with the right content. Without the right content the emotions will be nothing but waste and without the right emotions your content would be more of a paper reading hoax. So if you look forward to moving the masses then you need to strike a balance between content and emotions.