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Fish Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Fish Diagram Template for PowerPoint

A free fishbone diagram template for PowerPoint to present cause-and-effect analysis, identify factors causing specific events, aiding product design and quality.

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What is the fishbone diagram method?

The fishbone diagram is a type of visual representation that helps in brainstorming to identify the possible causes & effects of a problem or situation. It is often called “fishbone diagram” or Ishikawa diagrams (as the visualization was created by Kaoru Ishikawa).

How do you use a Ishikawa fishbone diagram?

Common uses of Fishbone diagrams are often found in product design and quality defect prevention. In these cases, the fishbone diagram is used to identify potential factors causing an overall effect.

However, Fishbone diagrams are widely used in other industries and for other purposes. For example, in problem analysis and business presentations to help presenting a cause & effect analysis. Applications and examples of Fishbone diagrams can be found online.

What is measurement in fishbone diagram?

The “measurement” is a component that belongs to the 6Ms of production, including Manpower, Method, Machine, Material, Milieu and Measurement. The 6M mnemonic represents the characteristic dimensions to consider when brainstorming a “cause and effect” problem-solving sessions.