If you have ever given a speech with a presentation running in the background you would understand the difficulty synchronizing the two poses for a speaker. It happens more often than not for a number of academic as well as public speakers that the synchronization between their speech and the presentation that they had prepared to add weight to their points goes south.

This is one of the major thoughts that can cloud the mind of any public speaker using a presentation, because a break in sync between the two can actually affect the course of the speech and put the speaker in between proverbial rock and a hard space.

synchronize slide show with speech

Here are a few tips that would help you synchronize your slide show with your speech.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice the two together the better results you would get. The notion of perfecting your speech and then just going on with the presentation is wrong, you need to achieve perfect synchronization between the two and to do so you should always practice them together till the time you have achieved impeccable timing.

Don’t go Automatic

If you want the best possible, hassle free presentation plus speech combo you should always have a manual control over how and when your slides change. This gives you control over the process as well as leaves room for improvisation. In case of an auto slide show there is a very good chance that the sync might break, so go manual and be safe.


Yes, there will be times when all your efforts will be in vain, no amount of practice or use of manual controls would help you get through your speech. There is always a very good chance that something might go wrong. At times like this do not abandon ship. Portray confidence and improvise to get out of the situation. Make the most of the situation and deliver, do not let anything give you cold feet and you would be just fine.