The word stigma is a broad term that is used to describe the stereotypical attitudes and opinions that people have towards people suffering from a mental or physical illness. Although not apparent enough majority of the people in the world are opinionated negatively towards people with an illness such as HIV AIDS along with a few other diseases. There is a dire need that has arisen in the recent past of awakening people to unchain themselves from the shackles of these stereotypes.

A persuasive speech is a powerful tool that can perhaps be used to make people aware and break free from the barriers of discrimination of any kind. Persuading the people to change their attitude towards other people who are suffering is what needs to be done in order to achieve peace and harmony globally.

social stigma

More often than not people have a mindset that leads them to believe a certain social stigma that has been seen for many years that have passed and this is where the real test of the power of a persuasive speech lies. Making sure that the desired action is initiated and the change in opinions that one brings from his speech is permanent.

There are some common perceptions that the world has which contribute to the social stigmas that need to be battled and need to be put into positive light so that the people of today widen their horizons and be more open to not getting tied down by the bonds of what is just make belief.

Preparing a speech that will serve the purpose of making the nation an audience to make a presentation that is   not only powerful but is impactful in such a way that it moves a nation towards change. The greatest of speakers have used persuasive speech to make the nation one and move towards a cause as one force.