PowerPoint has become an essential requirement for business people to deliver awesome presentations in order to impress the target audience. But, sometimes the presentations created to impress the audience can result in a bad, dull and boring PowerPoint.

Using PowerPoint effeciently


Here are some tips and hacks to use PowerPoint effectively and create compelling presentations to sell your ideas, products and services efficiently:

Prepare a Script

Writing a rough draft before creating a presentation for your next business event can be a great help. Try to give a beginning, middle and end representing it in the form of a story.

Avoid Long Paragraphs

Whenever preparing a business presentation, do not make use of long paragraphs as these may appear dull & boring to the audience and surely the viewer’s will lose interest in what you are saying.

Use Standard Font Styles

Always try to use the font styles that are simple to read and can be easily understood by the viewer’s. Do not go for the complex font styles like Monotype Corsiva, Freestyle script etc.


Select The Perfect Color, Contrast

You as a presenter should carefully choose the perfect color contrasts. It involves the difference in the lightness and darkness between the foreground and background color.

Apply Images Cautiously

Beautiful and attractive images when properly used in the PowerPoint can add elegance and style to your presentation. Appropriate use of the pictures keep the viewer’s engaged.

Have a Hook & Eye

Begin your presentation with something surprising or fascinating, something eye catching that compels your audience to sit up and listen to what you as a presenter has to say. This will help to attract the viewer’s attention towards your illustration.

Use Animations and Transitions

Animations and transitions can help you effectively present your ideas. While you can make use of the built-in Transitions and Animations offered by PowerPoint, you can also make your task easier by using editable Animated PowerPoint Templates. These templates usually come with not only transitions and animations applied using PowerPoint but also with third-party video backgrounds and GIF animations that can help you make more interesting presentation slides.

Next time you are crafting a presentation for your upcoming business event, remember these above mentioned points. These wonderful tips will help you to create striking presentations about your products and services in front of your boss, clients, co-workers and shareholders.