There are some really great speakers out there, speakers that have been motivating and initiating action amongst people for a long time. We can all agree on one thing that the level of confidence that we possess increases with every speech that we deliver and soon before we know this confidence starts to go a little overboard and we start to overlook things that we earlier paid attention to.



There are a few common mistakes that all seasoned orators make which make the quality of their speech go down.

Not Preparing The Speech

Although an extempore on the spot speech is what is seen by the audience, it requires a lot of effort and preparation. The whole idea behind giving a speech is to make it look like it isn’t prepared but we all know that isn’t the case behind the scenes. Almost every person who has delivered a few hits starts to miss out on drafting.

Rushing Through Your Speech

“I’m a fast talker” is often the reply that comes from a person who has become a seasoned orator! Clearly, finishing your speech before time is because you haven’t got enough things to talk about. This happens when the likes of you and I forget to do our homework. There isn’t a chronological order that we follow no logical explanations and clearly the speech isn’t timed.

Fail to Start With a Strong Opening

Obviously, we haven’t had the time to sit and think of an opening that will make the grand entry of the whole idea into light and make the audience love that speech! Thinking that you will make an entry note righty before the speech begins is a very big risk that you take and while sometimes it works wonders other times it fails drastically.


Taking the Audience for Granted

The lack of consideration toward the audience that is going to be listening to your speech is another common mistake many seasoned speakers make. The audience can be rather well educated or have no knowledge about the topic at hand, a seasoned speaker often forgets that he needs to concentrate and give a speech to his audience, for his audience.

Not Using Presentations

Thinking that you are enough to make an impact and need nothing else to support your content is what a lot of us begin to think after a few successful presentations. But the importance of including a PowerPoint slide in your speech cannot be stressed enough. Visuals don’t only make the speech feel more dynamic but help the audience relate to the mental image that you are aiming to make in their heads.

Keep these few points in mind and start over just like a novice who kept a critical eye to everything he did before the speech and see how every time you give a speech again will be an experience that you would proudly add to your kitty.