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Communicating Effectively Along With Your Slides

When told to deliver a PowerPoint Presentation, slide designing is the foremost thing that concerns each one of us. But, there is one aspect that is far more important, but still the most neglected part of slide presentation, i.e. your communication skills. It is to be noted that most of the times you will be […]

Rules To Present A Controversial Topic

When on stage, majority of speakers tend to forget the actual purpose of their speech, especially if the topic under scanner is a bit controversial one. And, the result is a speech that was intended to lead towards a healthy discussion, but it turns other way round into a verbal war of words, with every […]

Pitching Your Products With A Sales Presentation

Sales and marketing would have to be one of the most important aspects of any business, especially in today’s world of cut throat competition! No business could ever survive without a team of dedicated sales staff out there pitching your products and getting more customers.

5 Fun Presentation Ideas For Kids

School life revolves around making presentations and projects and there’s no getting away from them. Making a presentation for a school project always seems like a gargantuan task, mainly because people associate presentations as being boring.

Bidding Adieu To Your Job With A Memorable Retirement Speech

When the time of retirement comes, most of us are phased with mixed emotions. If some of us are excited about beginning of a new phase of life, then there are those who may be feeling terrible somewhere down the line, about the ending of a long cherished professional career. In the middle of all […]

Enliven Your Wedding Day With A Memorable Speech

As you all must have heard of it, marriages are made in heaven. But, when time comes to solemnize the beautiful relationship of a much-in-love couple, there are mixed emotions. No one can deny that it is the most special and majestic moment of a person’s life, but still there is some kind of queasiness […]

STOP! Don’t Commit These Presentation Sins

We have been there, in front of people to give a presentation. Growing up in this world usually revolves around giving presentations whether in school or whether at work! But most people don’t understand what all goes into making that one perfect presentation which your audience would love.

Using Cue Cards To Support A Confident Presentation

When giving presentations, even the most experienced presenters need to hand some notes to jog their memory and support their script. So, ruling out cue cards to be symbolic of unpreparedness, would be wrong. Rather, cue cards are your confidence cards that consist of pointers or keywords to keep up the flow of your PowerPoint […]

Can PowerPoint Presentation Help You in a Seminar?

If you understand the true meaning of seminar, you would know that it is much more than the textual knowledge. It is rather concerned with bringing up the latest advancements in the sphere being discussed for the seminar. Nowadays what is believed to facilitate a better impact for any seminar is a PowerPoint presentation.

Innovative Ideas To Capture The Attention Of Your Audience

The worst moment for any speaker is when they notice their audience not paying attention to their speech! This shows that as a speaker you have failed to keep your audience captivated and glued to what you say.

Improve Your Presentation Skills Now!

Most people underestimate the power that good presentation skills hold in today’s world! The terror that public speaking causes among people is astonishing! People fear public speaking more than death itself and sure who would want to have so many eyes staring at you and judging each and every sentence that you speak!

Resolving Conflicts With An Effective Mediation Presentation

Be it a civil dispute or business rivalry; legal proceedings within the walls of courtroom get exaggerated unnecessarily. From hiring a legal counselor and gathering evidences to ensure proper documentation; all the activities waste a lot of time, besides obviously being frustrating. It is for this reason that an increasing number of people are looking up […]