We have been there, in front of people to give a presentation. Growing up in this world usually revolves around giving presentations whether in school or whether at work! But most people don’t understand what all goes into making that one perfect presentation which your audience would love.

presentation sins

A presentation requires time! It requires that you spend time to make a great presentation script and awesome slides. It requires that you don’t commit any presentation sins! And now you might be wondering what these presentation sins are? There are actually a bunch of them and you will be surprised at the number of people who have no clue about them. Let’s discuss these presentation sins in detail.

Poor Time Management

Proper time management is absolutely important when it comes to giving presentations. Imagine being in a business presentation and the presenter says that he’ll be done within no time and after half an hour you are still sitting there trying not to look sleepy as slide after slide keeps on showing the same information! This is where time planning and management comes in and perhaps not planning your presentation could be one of the biggest presentation sins of all.

Making Your Presentation Boring

The second biggest presentation sin is boring your audience! No one likes a boring presentation and as the presenter it is your job, no actually it is your duty to keep your audience entertained and keep them at the edge of their seats. Not every presentation can be made a hilarious one but you sure can add a bit of humor in every presentation. And when you are discussing profits and losses of your company, a joke or two can definitely help take the edge off!

Too Much Information

Information overload doesn’t sit well with anyone and the worst thing that you as a presenter can do to your audience. Imagine filling slide after slide with useless information or maybe with information that would be better understood if you talk about it! There is an easy rule to counter this and that’s the rule of 6! This rule states that there should be no more than six lines per slide. And in this way you can also counter information overload from happening in any slide.

These were the biggest 3 presentation sins that any presenter can commit! So before you go for your next presentation, keep these sins in mind and give an amazing presentation and enthrall your audience.