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Qualities That Assure Your Speech Will Be Heard

You spend hours to prepare a speech but what if your audience cannot hear it? Like every person, you will also be disappointed a lot. No one would want their hard work to go to waste and that is why it is very important to make sure that your audience not only listens to your […]

Tips For Delivering Presentations With An Educational Perspective

Education nowadays is not merely limited to textbooks. A great way of learning which has been existing for a long time is to use PowerPoint presentations! These presentations add a visual edge that gives you great scope to get creative and all engaging while delivering any information or educating by this amazing means.

Five Tips To Make Your Presentation Stand Out!

While making a PowerPoint Presentation, one must consider making it the most attractive and appealing to the audience. Remember, it is to promote your business or services and the viewer must get convinced. People must receive a clear picture about your idea through that presentation and should not leave them confused.

Tackling A Difficult Audience Using The Power Of Speech

As a presenter/public speaker, you are bound to walk into a hall full of people looking to just rip your speech apart and put you down once and for all. Just when you think this is going well, a sleazy cold comment aimed directly at your confidence would hit you out of nowhere. While this […]

How To Choose A Topic For Your School Presentation

While in school, time flies by. The lectures, the sports, the frolics and fun as if keep us from realizing how swiftly the year goes by. And eventually comes that time of the year when irrespective of whether you have been attending or missing out on classes, you have the chance to score big on […]

Create A Scintillating Stage Presence With These Tips

Have you ever been to a seminar or presentation where the speaker was so eloquent that you felt uplifted some way or the other with his style of presentation? Possibly not or may be only a counted few have got this opportunity! But, then this is what defines perfect stage presence. I guess Winston Churchill […]

The Ultimate Battle: Presentation vs Speech

If someone tells you to give a speech and a presentation, most people are going to ask what’s the difference? Well, there’s a lot of difference between a presentation and a speech! Both these terms have been used interchangeably but that’s just wrong! Let’s try to understand the difference.

Presentation Checklist For Professional Presenters

PowerPoint Presentation is certainly not an alien concept to anyone of us. Ever since we were in school, to the times when we were promoted to college, followed by the current corporate lifestyle, presentations are very much a part of our curriculum. However, even though most of us are familiar with presentations, not everyone feels […]

Giving A Comical Introductory Speech

An introduction is perhaps one of the most important things! You wouldn’t start talking to a stranger without introducing yourself properly, would you? That’s why every speech is incomplete without a proper introductory speech.

Factors To Consider in An Engineering Presentation

From your learning stage as an engineering student to that phase of life when you belong to the community of experienced engineers, PowerPoint Presentations remain a quintessential part. While the purpose could be anything ranging from explaining concepts diagrammatically to laying complicated business plans, engineering presentations are certainly one tricky job.

Essential Tips For Ceremonial Speeches

Whether it’s an introductory or a welcome speech, an award speech, a keynote address or a graduation and retirement speech, they all are collectively known as a ceremonial speech!  A ceremonial speech is a speech which talks about praise or thankfulness expressed for any occasion like a graduation ceremony or an award ceremony.

Tips To Put A Burst Of Creativity in Your Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful tool and when it comes to giving a presentation, it is the number one choice of almost everyone, ranging from school students to corporate honchos. That’s how popular it is! Its popularity is also due to the fact that PowerPoint offers spectacular ease of usage.