When told to deliver a PowerPoint Presentation, slide designing is the foremost thing that concerns each one of us. But, there is one aspect that is far more important, but still the most neglected part of slide presentation, i.e. your communication skills. It is to be noted that most of the times you will be judged by your audience in the first few seconds depending upon the way you communicate.

Within that time duration, audience will make up their mind on your knowledge, presentation abilities and confidence level. And, obviously that is how your presentation will be perceived by them. That’s the reason why it is so important to learn the art of communicating effectively along with your slides. While some of us inherit these skills over time, there are others who need assistance on presenting it just the right way.


communicating effectively along with your slides

For all those who seek a few tips on improvising communication skills, especially when accompanied by slides running in the background, here is a reference guide…

To begin with, try the LIFO (Last in First Out) technique and initiate your presentation by taking up concluding slide first. It is a nice strategy to start your presentation by introducing your audience to what all will follow in the next few minutes of your presentation. This way, you can successfully earn their interest, which will prove beneficial in engaging them.

Secondly, never look straight into your slides constantly; instead maintain eye contact with your listeners. This is so because if you simply read through your slides from start to end, it shows your unpreparedness and disinterest. While on the flip side, focusing on reactions of audience and pausing in between to interact with them shows that you intend to involve them. This way, you are even able to prevent any communication gap.


Thirdly, use keynotes to maintain an outline of points contained in your slides. It has two benefits- first one being that you don’t get trapped behind the podium and, can easily move around the room to connect with audience and the other one being, that you can keep track of your pace.

Lastly, it is undeniable that slides are meant to give visual explanation to your information. But, the way you communicate has its own importance in influencing the mindset of listeners. Therefore, choose your words wisely to help audience analyze your viewpoint more effectively.

Communication skills of a presenter play pivotal role in winning over the hearts of audience. Thus, keep working on your limitations to grab eyeballs every time you go on stage.