Whether it’s an introductory or a welcome speech, an award speech, a keynote address or a graduation and retirement speech, they all are collectively known as a ceremonial speech!  A ceremonial speech is a speech which talks about praise or thankfulness expressed for any occasion like a graduation ceremony or an award ceremony.

ceremonial speeches


So here are essential tips for three of the most common types of ceremonial speeches:

Award Speeches

So you have been called to present an award to someone or have been called to be presented the award; presentation and acceptance, both come under an award speech. While presenting an award, the presenter should let the audience know the purpose of the award and also tell them about the accomplishments of the person the award is being presented to.

But if you have been called on the stage to receive the award, then it’s best to thank everyone for the award and express gratitude to all those who made it possible for you to receive this award.

Welcome and Introduction Speech

A welcome and introduction speech is another type of common ceremonial speech! A welcome speech, as the name suggests, is for welcoming the audience to an event and to set the tone of that event. An introduction speech also welcomes the audience and sets the tone of the main event. But apart from that, an introduction speech also introduces the main speaker of the event. Both welcome and introduction speeches should be brief and short!


Graduation and Retirement Speech

Once you have completed the end of your academic or professional career, it calls for a celebration! All your friends and family would call for a toast and a speech; after all it is a joyous occasion because you will then begin the next part of your career! That is why a graduation speech should talk about the future and the opportunities that await you.

On the contrary, a retirement speech is completely different because it should talk about the past. That’s because you are leaving behind a glorious career, which would have spanned decades. That is why most retirement speeches reflect on the past.

So these were the 3 most common ceremonial speeches! And the next time you are out there on the stage giving a graduation, retirement, welcome, introduction or an award acceptance or presentation speech, just remember that people only want to hear you talk about things that you appreciate.