School life revolves around making presentations and projects and there’s no getting away from them. Making a presentation for a school project always seems like a gargantuan task, mainly because people associate presentations as being boring.

Teaching kids how to use Microsoft PowerPoint is a great idea because it helps them develop necessary presentation skills which are quite important in the corporate and the business world. But since making a presentation is a task in itself, it might get difficult to teach kids about this valuable skill. To make something appealing to children you have to turn it into a fun activity and you can do the same with presentations! Kids would be bound to love an activity which they are interested in.


presentation ideas for kids

Here are 5 fun presentation ideas for kids:

Word Art

Kids love art and with PowerPoint you can create slides after slides full of art! With the drawing function on PowerPoint you can let your kid’s imagination run wild. With a week or two of practice, kids can really master this and can create stunning pieces of art and word art!

Fun Stories

Did you know that you can use PowerPoint to create a complete story book? Now this is definitely a fun activity for children because they can make a complete story using different PowerPoint tools and can even make a pictorial representation of the entire story.


Fact Book

With Microsoft PowerPoint you can even let your kids make a fact book! A fact book is nothing apart from just random and fun facts pieced together. For this fun activity you can let kids’ first research about interesting facts which they can save. After that you can let them look for a template that suits the presentation and then they can piece everything together.

Self Presentation

Another fun activity for kids is to make a self presentation! A self presentation is a great activity for kids to learn more about themselves. You can have them make a presentation about themselves, what they want to become when they want to grow up and what their hobbies are and much more.

Nutrition and Food Chart

Kids can greatly benefit from learning about nutrition and how to keep your body healthy and active. And a fun way to teach them is through a PowerPoint presentation! You can have them create slides about nutrition and exercise required by the body.