Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful tool and when it comes to giving a presentation, it is the number one choice of almost everyone, ranging from school students to corporate honchos. That’s how popular it is! Its popularity is also due to the fact that PowerPoint offers spectacular ease of usage.

But when it comes to making a presentation, most people are somehow clueless! A presentation is something which is used as a visual aid to whatever it is that you are speaking about. You can put all sorts of different points in it, but that won’t help get your point across to your audience.


tips for creative presentations

But don’t worry about that because sprucing up your presentation would be a piece of cake after you are done reading this article! So here are a few tips to put a burst of creativity in your presentation.

More Pictures

As mentioned above, a PowerPoint slide should be used as a visual aid to your presentation! So that means it should emphasize what you are speaking about. And in order to achieve that try to use more pictures and less text to get your point across to your audience! An image search on your favorite search engine will land you up with millions of pictures relevant to the topic of your presentation.

Incorporate Videos

Another thing that you can do to make your presentation more creative is to embed videos! But, don’t use videos too often in a presentation! One video per presentation is fine, anything more is just asking for ridicule and mockery. You can use a relevant video to enhance the meaning of your presentation and it definitely helps in getting your point across to your audience.


Graphs and Charts

Using graphs and charts is another great way to enhance the creativity of your presentation and it makes a lot of sense too! Charts and graphs can breathe life into your presentation and they help provide the necessary information and data to your audience. That’s why they should become an integral part of any presentation.

Q & A

You can even make your presentation slides more interactive by adding questions and answers. This helps in engaging your audience and makes your presentation creative as well. You can ask your audience about their views and get to know what they really think and understand about the topic.