An introduction is perhaps one of the most important things. You wouldn’t start talking to a stranger without introducing yourself properly, would you? That’s why every speech is incomplete without a proper introductory speech.

An introductory speech is spoken before the main speech so as to introduce the speaker and get the audience acquainted with him. And since it is used only for introduction, an introductory speech is always kept brief and to the point! That’s because the idea is to get the audience familiar with the speaker, his achievements, what he would speak on etc.

comical speech tips

Tips for Presenting a Comical Introductory Speech

Even though introductory speeches are brief and to the point, a lot goes into preparing them! And especially if you don’t really know the speaker well enough, because then that would amount to a lot of research work, plus you will probably have to go through his or her curriculum vitae (CV). But if you know the speaker enough, then that’s a completely different story.

One of the most unconventional ways you can make an introductory speech is by adding humor into it. But that can happen only if the event is not a formal one! You might have seen the Oscars, the hosts are known for adding quite a bit of humor into the ceremony. So take a cue from that and add some humor into your introductory speech.

The best start is to make a joke or two about yourself! That’s sure to set the mood of your audience or if you are familiar with the speaker, you can make a joke or two about him as well. But remember an introductory speech is as much a part of the main event and it is important to set the tone and the mood of the event and your audience.

But remember, good humor is great to set the tone of the event and make your audience feel more comfortable, crass humor isn’t.