When the time of retirement comes, most of us are phased with mixed emotions. If some of us are excited about beginning of a new phase of life, then there are those who may be feeling terrible somewhere down the line, about the ending of a long cherished professional career. In the middle of all this, what if you are required to deliver a retirement speech.

Being someone who is now retired and presenting an audience inclusive of the employer, family and colleagues, one feels grilled in the middle of questions like- whether or not are you supposed to poke your Heads, how much of self-appraisal is acceptable, what if the tone goes boring and audience feels like an alien or how much should be the length of retirement speech and so much more; and, the result is a speech that will go down the history for being a huge disappointment.


memorable retirement speech

If you don’t intend to fall in that league, then go through the list of tips stated below to bid adieu to your job with a memorable retirement speech.

Keep the Length Concise

Retirement speech is never meant to be a rundown of your professional history, rather it is a chance to express your gratitude for the amazing opportunities you have had in your long career. Further, do remember that all the friends and family members have gathered to celebrate and make you feel appreciated for your commendable achievements. So, value their gesture by giving them enough time. And, keep your speech short and relevant.

It’s for the Audience, Remember that!

Retirement is a life changing experience. And, the time of speech is a bit emotional moment when your peers are likely to imagine their own time of departure and how they are going to deal with it. This is why; it will be a much appreciated attempt if you give them a highlight into what lies ahead in store for them.


This is the best way to feel positive and connect with your audience.

Your Presentation Etiquette Counts

Do not take the liberty to offend anyone, just because it is your last day at work. Instead, try to deliver a worthy speech by staying calm, sharing a few healthy memories and how this period has been the best phase of your life. Basically, take farewell on a happy note, with no grudges ad no after-math.

To sum it up, retirement speech is like a souvenir that you will be presenting to the team members that have been a second family to you, all these years. So, try to make it interesting enough so that they feel honored, which will eventually make you happy.