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How To Play A Video Inside A Picture Frame in PowerPoint

You might think that adding a video in a presentation might help you give elaborate details about your presentation topic with facts, figures and animations. Inserting a video within a presentation can save the presenter the hassle of going through basic details about the topic. But playing a video alone is not as good as […]

How To Link PowerPoint Slides Using Buttons

Action buttons can be added on the Home slide or across different slides to make navigation easy when presenting your presentation. This is a much better way of going about your slides instead of jumping to and from different slides back and forth, which can look quite unprofessional. In this post we will show you […]

Free Halloween PowerPoint Templates

Halloween is that time of the year when making presentations might be the last thing on your mind. However, before you depart for your Halloween vacation, you might have to display a company report or a presentation at school. Similarly, if you’re a mom, you might be looking to make a digital storyboard using PowerPoint […]

Animated Isometric Assembly Line PowerPoint Template

Isometric PowerPoint templates provide a three way outlook for PowerPoint slides, making them more attractive. Add interactive animations to the mix and you get the Animated Isometric Assembly Line PowerPoint Template. While the theme of this template is more about production and assembly line, you can also use it for virtually any presentation topic with […]

Best Free Corporate PowerPoint Templates

Corporate presentations require a formal theme, however, a plain and simple presentation can easily make your audience yawn. Hence, it is wise to use vibrant colors, with imagery that resonates with your subject matter. Here is our list of the Best Free Corporate PowerPoint Templates to help you make the most out of your corporate […]

Best Free Technology PowerPoint Templates

Technology themed presentations are becoming more common in the wake of the rising use of computing devices. If you need to make a presentation on a technology related topic, then here are a few of our suggested Free Technology PowerPoint Templates.

Animated Travel PowerPoint Template

The Animated Travel PowerPoint Template is a travel, tourism and vacation themed template with all that you can need for making a good presentation. The editable PowerPoint slides come with animated content, maps, clipart images and diverse presentation layouts, which are editable right down to the most basic slide elements.

How To Recover Corrupt PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint has become one of the top trending applications not only for business but for various other purposes too. Regardless of its efficiency, there may be times when you might seek some solutions to recover the corrupted PowerPoint files.

Product Launch And Marketing Strategies Template For PowerPoint

Presenting a product launch or your marketing strategies requires use of captivating content to instantly impress your audience and to keep their interest alive. This can include customers, senior management and even your subordinates. The Ready To Launch Presentation Template provides a set of attractive, animated slides that can be easily edited for making presentations related to […]

Importance Of J Curve And How To Easily Make One

Presentations are an integral part of any organizational structure especially when it comes to evaluating a certain strategy, working on a new project or for that matter any avenue that calls for an audience centric, engaging, and informative seminar/speech.

Some Of The Most Effective PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint has been highly considered by majority of people for delivering any kind of presentation, whether it is for business, educational or any other purpose. This tool is the most interactive and effective that let you share your innovations, thoughts and ideas with the targeted audience. Choosing an appropriate template is one of the utmost […]

Construction Template For PowerPoint With Video Animation

It’s quite rare to find a well-crafted presentation template on topics related to repair and construction. This is why one might have to go through professional help or hours of work to create a nice presentation for a construction project or repair service, to impress customers. However, with the help of animated templates, you can […]