If you haven’t used video animations for your PowerPoint presentations, it’s time you should start using them to make your slides more attractive. Futurescape Billboard Video Animation for PowerPoint comes with the option to add custom text and images to generate a customize version of the video animation.

Customize Video Animation

You can customize the video animation from the developer’s website via the link at the end of this post. To start customizing the image, click Customize Your Message.


futurescape billboard video animation for powerpoint

Add Images, Text, Clipart and Change Default Background

You can add your custom message, add new images, as well as insert clipart and change the background from the vast archive provided by the developer. This can allow you to insert your custom logo and make changes to the video animation in accordance with your branding guidelines and corporate colors. Before you download the video animation, make sure you select which format do you want the animation customized in. The available options include PPTX (PowerPoint) and video formats such as MP4, Windows Media Video and the MOV QuickTime file format.

customize robot video animation

Once the template is downloaded, you can make further changes by adding content to the video background. You can play to view the video background in Normal view and also launch it as a slideshow to preview it to determine if the slideshow needs any further adjustments. You can easily copy the animation slide for use in your presentations.


futurescape video animation

As mentioned earlier, you can also download the video version of the template for use in presentations, or other projects such as perhaps your website, YouTube video, retail slideshows, etc. The video version can be customized just like the PPTX version with your own photos, clipart and text.

futurescape video with custom text

You can customize and download this futuristic video animation from the developer’s website.

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