One of the few things that can really improve the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint is a tabbed interface. Unfortunately, this is not available by default. Tabs For PowerPoint is a third-party application that adds tabs to PowerPoint.

Tabs For PowerPoint is extremely easy to use and simply requires downloading and installing the application. There are no complex settings and you can acquire a tabbed interface for PowerPoint immediately after the installation of this app. Moreover, Tabs for PowerPoint is fully compatible with Windows. The below screenshot shows a tabbed interface for PowerPoint after the installation of this app.

Add tabs to MS PowerPoint

Benefits Of A Tabbed PowerPoint Interface

A tabbed interface for PowerPoint can be beneficial because you can open multiple documents in different tabs for easy management and simultaneous editing. Using Tabs for PowerPoint , users can not only open existing documents in different tabs but also create a new document in a new tab. Hence, this app can also help you open multiple presentations in a unified interface like a web browser; which is a lot better than opening different documents side by side or in a Windows Jump List.

During installation, the user is given the choice to select the version of PowerPoint they are using.

Install Tabs For powerPoint

Once installed, you can open PowerPoint and begin using tabs by opening multiple documents in the same PowerPoint window, as well as click the ‘New Tab’ button to generate new tabs. You can view application settings by launching the application. The ‘General & Positions’ section provides options to enable and disable; double-click and middle-mouse click to close a tab, drag and drop functionality, warning for closing tabs, multi-window mode and other configuration options like application shortcuts and the selection of the position of tabs on the PowerPoint interface.

Tabs For PowerPoint Settings

You can also make other appearance adjustments from the ‘Style & Color’ section which allows setting tab styles, tab layout, custom font, font size and custom tab colors.

Style and Color of tabs

Tabs For PowerPoint is a paid application; however, you can also download it on a trial basis.

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