Sky’s the limit is a famous metaphor which is used by many presenters to lift the mood of the audience. Animated Sky’s The Limit PowerPoint Template is a graduation themed slide deck which can be used for education themed presentations. The title slide has a silhouette of students who have just graduated.

School and Education Themed Presentation Template

The students in their graduation gowns celebrating is just the image you need to uplift the spirit of new students at your school during an orientation session or if you’re a student, you can use this slide deck for creating presentations related to the education sector, to start a discussion about school policies, social impact of schools on the lives of students, etc. You can mould the slides by editing the sample content to create a slide deck that resonates with your topic.


Animated Sky is The Limit PowerPoint Template

The template is divided in animated and static slides. You can either use the animated or static set or alternatively mix the two types of slides for making your presentation.

Graduation Slide Design

Click to Edit Slide Objects

There are also other, more generic images which can help you use the presentation template to explore other subtopics and to dig deeper into your subject. Furthermore, you can also create picture collages using the photo slides which provides various types of pictures in frames. These are sample photos which can be replaced within the template. The template has editable slides so you can click to edit objects within the template.


Sky Background

Custom Diagrams

You can also create custom diagrams using some of the diagram and infographic like slide layouts. These too are editable slides which allow various levels of customization to suit your individual needs as a presenter. Duplicating these slides can also help you create more than one diagram to depict your data, trends and findings.

Infographic Slide with Sample Design

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