Gap analysis is used to understand the difference between the optimized use and integration of resources, as compared to their current utilization. A Gap analysis helps businesses to determine their future plans and can be conducted to determine business direction, business processes, information technology or human resources. You can present your Gap analysis using easy to edit diagrams with the help of the Animated Gap Analysis PowerPoint Template.

Animated Gap Analysis PowerPoint Template


Gap Analysis Diagram Slides

The diagrams in this presentation deck allow you to add text to elaborate readymade slides relevant to Gap analysis. The slide below provides a sample diagram regarding measurement, material, machine, mother nature, man power and method. Similarly, other diagrams and slides provide editable layouts to help you explain your Gap analysis.

Measurement, Machine, Material

Determine the Future Plans for your Business

By using diagrams in this template you can show the future plans of your business in light of its current situation and the projects in the pipeline. With the visual aid of diagrams, you can create timelines, roadmaps and easy to explain list slides with salient features of the future plans and existing state of affairs tied to an organization.

The GAP Transition


You can get creative with the roadmap layouts and add time, date and other details as you deem fit by editing and adding text boxes according to need. You can also recolor slide objects in PowerPoint.

GAP Roadmap

There are numerous icons in this template which can be replaced and edited. there is also an icon set which comes with symbols that you can copy and use across your slides for ease of editing sample content. Furthermore, you can design entirely new slides and edit sample slides using these icons.

GAP Analysis Icons

Create Gap Analysis Charts

You can also create Gap analysis charts to show data and trends. This can be useful for showing the existing state of affairs and how the business plans to proceed in the future.

GAP Analysis Chart

To create your next Gap analysis, download this animated template from the link given below.

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