Some presentation subjects require a deeper look at statistics, graphs, charts and forecasts. You can use a template with a metaphorical illustration to emphasize the need to look at the fine details of a subject under discussion; such as the Animated Telescope Vision PowerPoint Template.

Telescope Illustrations and Animations

The opening slide depicts a character looking through a telescope. This is an opening slide, which can be customized to introduce the topic.


Animated Telescope Vision PowerPoint Template

Adjustable Slide Objects

There are 14 sample slides in this template, followed by a few slides with instructions regarding how to customize the template. You can edit and replace individual objects, as well as use drag and drop to adjust them.

Telescope Vision

There are various layouts in this template which can be used for creating infographics, customized diagrams and other types of slides which you might require for getting your point across. The easy to customize nature of the slides make it easy to edit them according to need.


Infographic Slide

The creative slide layouts give unique illustrations which can help you present your content in an interesting manner. You can customize the sample text, add new images, charts, text placeholders and redesign slides as per need. The vibrant colors of the template make it interesting and visually appealing for the audience. The light blue backdrop also has soothing effect which can be visually comforting. Despite animated slides, the template does not visually distract the viewer from the core content. This makes the template quite handy for professional presentations.

Telescope Slide Layout

Create Business and Financial Forecasts

The template is also quite useful for creating various types of business and financial forecasts. You can do this by using the forecast and chart themed slides in the template. These slides have been designed to be attention grabbing and attractive enough to instantly convey a specific type of message to the audience (e.g. a bad or good financial forecast.

You can drag the slide objects to change the direction and outlook of the chart in the slide below, depicting the forecast to be positive or negative.

Create Forecasts

This animated slide deck is available for download as a Widescreen and Standard template.