If you’re a chef or restaurant owner looking to create a slideshow or presentation about a dish, menu or products available at your eatery, you might want to use an animated template for the job. An animated template with food related slide layouts, the Animated Food for Thought PowerPoint Template is perfect for any presentation about food!

Animated Food Related Slides

From the title slide to the final slide in this template, the slides present unique layouts associated with food. The easy to edit sample slides allow you to insert text and images to create animated slides. With the visual aid of neatly designed food themed presentation slides, you can easily create an animated slide deck in no time. The animations are already set in sample slides and all you have to do is to populate the slides to create an animated presentation.

Animated Food for Thought PowerPoint Template

Create Collages and Infographics

Using the various sample slides, you can create collages and infographics with this animated template. You can also edit the layouts by moving objects within sample slides.

Food Collage

Tell a Story about Food!

You can also add quotes, create picture slides with delicious food items and artistic photos of food being made. There are various sample slides with pictures that you can use by simply adding a title and main body text to these slides.

A Story About Food

You can even give a tour of your hotel, restaurant, bakery or kitchen by making slideshows about how food is made in compliance with hygienic standards. Similarly, you can create a presentation about different restaurants, a ‘how to’ for making a specific dish or anything else related to food.

Chef Slide

The last slide of the template can be used for making a chart or giving ratings for a review of an eatery. You can also use this slide for showcasing food related statistics, e.g. the percentage of people who prefer to dine out on weekends or the number of people who prefer a specific type of cuisine.

Food Chart

So, give your audience some food for thought with this animated food themed template by grabbing it via Presenter Media.

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