With winter comes a chilly weather and in many parts of the world, snow. The Animated Winter PowerPoint Template depicts all the glory of winter in the form of animated slides. 

Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template

Winter Themed Sample Slides

With 11 sample slides and a range of useful layouts, the Animated Winter PowerPoint Template gives you all you need for making a presentation deck with a winter outlook. The template has a Flat Design UI with tiled blocks available in various slides. You can use these to create infographics, diagrams and comparisons. There are also sample, replaceable icons in these slides.

Winter Comparison Slide


The sample content in the template has been designed to help presenters create business presentations by introducing their service, discussing the history of an organization, as well as creating diagrams, timelines and infographics with the visual aid of editable tiles given in various slides. You can also use this template for other types of presentation topics, such as for a presentation at school, to discuss poetry or winter in general.

Winter Days

Tiled Icons and Editable Slide Elements for Presenters

There are various handy icons placed in various tiles across the template. These icons can be quite self-explanatory. For example, the binoculars icon is used for searching something, whereas, the camera icon implies pictures and the gift box can be used to represent Christmas or gifts. Some text that explains parts of your content with these icons can help you create infographic slides or to improve the visuals for your slides with the aid of tiled icons.

Winter Infographic


The icons within the given tiles can also be separated. You can select various elements within slides to remove, resize or move them.

Winter Timeline

The Animated Winter PowerPoint Template contains some amazing winter themed imagery in its slides with a good mix of illustrations, icons and sample content that can help you create awesome winter themed presentations.

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