If you’re looking for an offbeat presentation template which can add some style to your slides, you might want to check out the Animated Style Looks PowerPoint Template. With a theme that centers around images similar to street art and pop culture, the template can be great for making presentations related to arts, music, independent cinema, and the like.

There are 10 customizable slides in the template with animations that can help your content stand out. You can preview the animations by running the template as a slideshow and make adjustments to default layouts by removing or replacing objects. The entire template is extremely easy to customize and comes with tips to help you understand how to edit the slides with ease.

Animated Style Looks PowerPoint Template


There are slides which not only provide images but also space for creating text-heavy slides. You can introduce your topic, create picture slides, insert diagrams or simply use the offbeat look of the template with your own text to create a stunning presentation.

Style Looks

The high-resolution images and background designs can also give you a bit of idea regarding how to customize your presentation and what to add to make your content get noticed. You can replace the default images with your own high-resolution photos to add some spice to slides. The text has been placed in a manner which can make it pop out before your audience, especially the main headings and subheadings.

Add Slogan and Branding


The template is unique in every way and can be visually pleasing due to its vibrant imagery and neatly crafted layouts. Furthermore, the structure of slides is unconventional, which can be quite eye-catching. The aforementioned can help you get an edge when designing your slides to make the most out of your presentations.

Brand Style

To download the template and preview the animated slides, head over to the developer’s page via the link given below.

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