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Animated Aboriginal Art Template For PowerPoint And Keynote

If you are looking to create a presentation about arts, native cultures, travel, tourism and particularly the Australian Aboriginal culture then you should check out the Aboriginal Artwork Template for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Animated Factory PowerPoint Templates

There can be a million reasons why you might require depicting a factory in a presentation slide. Ranging from topics related to company policy, assembly line and production related issues to more complex topics like global warming, a factory image, animation or diagram might be required for presentations; e.g for topics related to business or […]

Customizable Animations And Footsteps Clipart For PowerPoint

In a presentation one requires tracing a topic from beginning to end, where the audience has to follow breadcrumbs or footsteps. You can put this analogy pretty much in literal terms by depicting footsteps in your presentation slides. Below is a collection of some interesting animations and footsteps clipart for PowerPoint which can help you […]

Animated Oil Industry PowerPoint Templates

Oil is the driving force of modern economies and is used for manufacturing anything from plastic, ink, perfumes, dyes, medicines, shampoos to running cars and airplanes. If you require presenting a PowerPoint Presentation about oil, energy, environment, global warming, sustainable development, renewable sources of energy or a similar topic, then here are a few Animated […]

Risk Assessment Template For PowerPoint

One of the major part of any venture is risk. It is inevitable that risks will exist and will have to be tackled using a risk assessment plan. The Risky Tightrope Template for PowerPoint can help you effectively translate your ideas for dealing with risks with the help of witty animations, charts, tables, SmartArt diagrams […]

Animated Disco Ball PowerPoint Template

The Disco Ball Shimmer Template for PowerPoint provides a customizable animation of a rotating disco ball. This template is available as a PPTX file, with the option to download the standalone animation in video formats like MOV, WMV and FLV.

Animated Ray Of Sunshine Template For PowerPoint

When it comes to leaving a positive impression on your audience or to cheer up the mood of your colleagues, all it takes is some sunshine! Ray of Sunshine is a template for Keynote and PowerPoint which can be used for making presentations about hope, a bright outlook, academic presentations to cheer up the class […]

Animated Arrows PowerPoint Template

Arrows are used in diagrams, illustrations and charts to depict specific trends. Arrows are particularly handy when making presentations related to business or statistical trends of any kind. The Animated Arrows PowerPoint Template is a complete package when you might need using arrows to depict different aspects of your topic.

Create Interactive PowerPoint Presentations With 8 Panels Template

Ever saw presenters switch between slides by clicking on text or numbers from the main slide? While you too can create interactive PowerPoint presentations by connecting your slides, doing so on your own can be time-consuming and extremely boring. What you can do instead is to use an interactive PowerPoint Template that can help you […]

Animated Idea Light Bulb PowerPoint Template

A bright idea is best expressed with a glowing light bulb and what better way to demonstrate your ideas before an audience than to use an animated template with light bulb animations. The Idea Clouds Template for PowerPoint is an animated presentation template which can be used for brainstorming sessions, presenting your business idea, educational […]

Broadcast Communications Template For PowerPoint And Keynote

Broadcast Communications Template is a presentation template for Keynote and PowerPoint with animated slides, clipart images and creative layouts that can be used for making broadcasting, communication and technology related presentations.

Circle Charts Diagram Template For PowerPoint

Circle charts can help represent different types of information in slides, such as a process, performance metrics, comparison chart, etc.