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Animated Back To School PowerPoint Template

Summer vacations are over and it’s time to head back to school. If you’re a teacher you may require creating academic presentations for students, whereas students may need some useful PowerPoint Templates to make presentations of their own. Below is an overview of two educational templates, namely; the Educate Me and Back To School PowerPoint […]

Premium And Free Renewable Energy PowerPoint Templates

Renewable energy is a topic which can often be difficult to elaborate in the form of PowerPoint Presentations. This is why having a few renewable energy templates and video backgrounds can help you express your views with the help of some nice graphics and video animations. Below are some Renewable Energy PowerPoint Templates which can […]

How To Annotate PowerPoint 2013 Presentations With Ink Tools

The Start Inking feature of Microsoft Office has previously faced a lot of criticism, as it was only available for tablet PC users. However, all that has changed in the wake of the latest Microsoft Office 2013 suite. Now, users can use the Start Inking feature to annotate PowerPoint 2013 presentations, Word documents and Excel […]

Present Live PowerPoint Presentations Online With Office Presentation Service

Office Presentation Service is a feature of Microsoft PowerPoint that can be used for sharing and presenting your presentations “Live” to global audience via the internet. Using this built-in options in PowerPoint 2013 you can display your presentation to other users by providing them with a direct link which will show your presentation real-time from […]

How To Use Portrait And Landscape Orientation in The Same PowerPoint Presentation

Some PowerPoint Presentations may require the use of both portrait and landscape orientation. However, by default the entire orientation of a presentation can be either in Landscape or Portrait. To use both orientations in a single presentation you can link PowerPoint files. Let’s take a look at the method by which you can use both […]

Animated Construction PowerPoint Template

When making a PowerPoint Presentation, using novel ideas can help you create attention grabbing content. When creating business presentations, using Animated PowerPoint Templates can help you create interactive slides that can instantly grab the attention of the audience and keep their interest alive. Presenter Media offers many such templates, such as the Construction Area Toolkit. […]

Editable Clock PowerPoint Template With Timepieces

Animated PowerPoint templates can always make even the most boring presentations unique. We have previously brought you a number of such templates by Presenter Media. The Clock Toolkit is another Animated Clock PowerPoint Template which can help you create business and academic presentations by using slides containing customizable timepieces. With the help of this animated […]

Create Awesome Animated Timelines For PowerPoint Presentations

One of the most difficult type of PowerPoint presentations are the ones which contain Timelines. While there are various types of timeline tools that can help you create basic PowerPoint timelines, nothing beats animated timelines. Timeline Toolkit 2, as the name suggests is an animated template by Presenter Media for creating awesome animated timelines in […]

SlideGeeks Provides PowerPoint Templates To Common Users And Fortune 500 Companies

While there are many websites that offer PowerPoint templates, it can be tough to find business related templates which can be tailored according to different subjects. This is where SlideGeeks comes in handy. It is a website that offers many premium PowerPoint templates for various topics, with a special collection for business PowerPoint Templates. Moreover, […]

Good New Presentation Templates in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint is a staple of the Microsoft Office suite and PowerPoint 2013 is a significant update and a presentation tool that is easier to use than ever, and enables even novice users to create polished presentations. PowerPoint 2013 starts by presenting a variety of new and free design templates to choose from. When you select one […]

Using Triggers in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 comes with a Trigger feature that enables us to play animations based on a particular action. You can use triggers for example to start an animation after the user clicks on another shape or object. To start using Triggers you need first to insert an animation effect in your slides. […]