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Construction Template For PowerPoint With Video Animation

It’s quite rare to find a well-crafted presentation template on topics related to repair and construction. This is why one might have to go through professional help or hours of work to create a nice presentation for a construction project or repair service, to impress customers. However, with the help of animated templates, you can […]

Cybercrime PowerPoint Template With Face Recognition Video Animation

When making a presentation about topics as complex as cybercrime, identity recognition and criminals, it can be hard to look impressive. However, with the help of the Identity Recognition PowerPoint Template you can easily create impressive slides on the aforementioned topics.

Animated Basketball Court Template For PowerPoint

Basketball Court is an animated template for Keynote and PowerPoint with the animation of basketballs bouncing off a basketball court. You can customize the animated slides in this template and add your own text and images to create basketball or sports related presentations.

Animated Street Sign Template for PowerPoint

A very interesting method of making an attention grabbing presentation while also keeping your slides simple enough to be easily understood by your audience is to present your basic concepts using SmartArt Graphics or a slide design which might help to present the core ideas of your topic in the form of attractive placeholders. The […]

Amazing Water Drop Template For PowerPoint

Water Drop PowerPoint Template is a presentation template with a soothing animation of water drops amidst a sunset. This PowerPoint Template features an amazing video animation in the opening slide, which can be customized with text and images.

Animated Summer PowerPoint Template

It’s time for the summer season which leads to bright sunny days, summer activities and for many people, a few days of relaxing vacations. Summer’s Here or the Summer PowerPoint Template is a set of animated slides which can be used to fit in any summer related presentation topic.

Create Forms in PowerPoint Slides With Checkbox Template

If you are wondering how to create forms with checkboxes in PowerPoint slides without going through any complicated process or coding, then the best method is to use the Checkbox Template for PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Template With 3D Cube Animation

A 3D cube can be associated with many presentation topics, ranging from problem solving to brainstorming for creative ideas. Missing Piece is an animated PowerPoint Template which is also available in different video formats, as a standalone video animation.

Best Free And Premium PowerPoint Timeline Templates

Back in the day making a PowerPoint timeline was quite a hassle, however, timelines in PowerPoint can now be easily created using the Office Timeline Add-in or with the help of readymade PowerPoint Timeline Templates.

Best Tools To Supercharge PowerPoint With New Features

While PowerPoint on its own provides a wide array of features for creating and presenting your ideas with static and animated slides, there are still many third-party tools that can help you supercharge PowerPoint with additional features. Below is a list of some very handy tools that can help you make PowerPoint even better.

How To Add Tabs For PowerPoint 2013 And Older Versions

One of the few things that can really improve the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint is a tabbed interface. Unfortunately, this is not available by default. Tabs For PowerPoint is a third-party application that adds tabs to PowerPoint 2013 and older versions; including PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and 2003.

Notepad PowerPoint Template With Turn Page Animation Effect

Animation effects can always bring your presentations to life, especially if they can bring something novel an eye-catching to presentation slides. While age of paper may be nearly over, using a notepad like animated template might still be a fresh way of presenting your ideas. Notepad Page Turn Toolkit is a fully editable PowerPoint Template, […]