In the wake of the latest elections in your country you might be asked to prepare a presentation at school or might require a presentation template to make a convincing case for your preferred candidate; be it at a formal event, high school election campaign or political event.

Build a Convincing Case for Your Candidate With The Aid of Animations

The Election Time PowerPoint Template is a visually appealing animated presentation template that can help you present your political views using interesting animations that are bound to grab the attention of your audience.


Animated election time PowerPoint template

Compare Election Candidates

Using the comparison slide in this PowerPoint Template you can compare election candidates and highlight the pros and cons of each. You can create a list highlighting the difference between the two candidates to convince your audience why your selected candidate is the best for the job. Alternatively, you can also create an objective comparison of two candidates to stir up a debate.

Candidate campaign slide

Create Custom Election Charts

The template provides sample content for making charts depicting polling and election related statistics. You can create bar charts, as well as depict your data using flags and other clipart images in the form of chart layouts.


Election chart

Create Election Themed Presentations for US and Other Countries

The template has enough scope to allow the presenter to create presentations on not just US elections but also for a range of other countries. Many of the slides and sample content within this template is quite generic and the textboxes are placed in such a way that you can easily fashion your slides to match your specific presentation needs.

Global election chart

Election Clipart Images

The template also features a range of handy election clipart images which can be used for a variety of presentation topics, ranging from political, academic to even business related presentations; where the impact of elections on a business might have to be addressed before company management and stakeholders.

Election clipart

With a range of animated and static sample slides, availability in Widescreen and Standard formats, clipart charts,  diverse layouts and compatibility with the latest versions of PowerPoint and Keynote, this is one election Presentation template that has it all. You can use this election template with:

  • PowerPoint (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac OS)

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