Your Comic Frame is an animated comic book template for PowerPoint for making comic book style presentation slides. This PowerPoint Template provides speech bubbles, clipart images, comic book like customizable characters and comes with pre-rendered animations to help you quickly create comic book style presentations to inspire your audience.

Comic frame PowerPoint template

Create Animated Comic Book Presentation Slides

The sample slides provide ample scope for making slides according to specific requirements. You can customize each sample slide to add your own content, which will automatically mix and play out with the existing animations. Alternatively, you can use the static layouts to create static slides with a comic book like look.


Comic frame slide design

Comic Book Clipart Images

While this template does not have customizable scenes like the Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template, however, it gives you a lot to work with. This is because this is a more frame oriented template which gives you a toolkit for making your own comic strip scenes in the form of presentation slides. The below clipart shows how you can make use of various expressions to create custom comic strip slides.

Comic clipart

This animated template for Microsoft PowerPoint works with:

  • PowerPoint for Windows
  • PowerPoint for Mac OS

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Version)

Insert your captions in speech bubbles

Shooting Stars Static Clipart

This clipart can be used for making slides depicting scenes like a fight, celebration, accident, etc. This comic themed clipart is available in white and transparent backgrounds in JPG and PNG format from the link given below.


Go to Presenter Media – Shooting Stars Static Clipart

Shooting stars

Static Splat Point Expression Clipart

This expression themed clipart is another handy image which can be used to depict impact, a crash, explosion and other types of comic book expressions. This clipart can be downloaded in PNG or JPG format with a white or transparent background.

Go to Presenter Media – Static Splat Point Expression Clipart

splat clipart for PowerPoint