One of the major part of any venture is risk. It is inevitable that risks will exist and will have to be tackled using a risk assessment plan. The Risky Tightrope Template for PowerPoint can help you effectively translate your ideas for dealing with risks with the help of witty animations, charts, tables, SmartArt diagrams and more.

Highlight Risks And Presents Strategies With Animated Slides

This PowerPoint presentation template starts with an opening slide of a stick figure walking a tightrope. This animation is customizable with text and images (such as your company logo). The animation itself is quite symbolic in presenting a plethora of risk themed topics.


Animated risky tightrope template for PowerPoint

Create And Present Risk Assessment Plans

The following slides present various animated slides in diverse layouts to help you create a meaningful risk themed presentation, which may include a risk assessment plan, statistical data, comparisons, etc.

Create presentations and risk assessment plans

Hence, this risk assessment template for PowerPoint can not only incorporate readymade plans in the form of images but you can also build your risk assessment plan using the sample slides. Alternatively, you can use these Risk Assessment Diagram Templates for PowerPoint for making professional diagrams for your presentations.


Slides for risk related topics

Risk Themed Clipart Images

The template also features reusable risk clipart images which you can freely utilize across your slides. The clipart available in both the clipart slide and across other slides can be copied and modified as per need. For example, you can resize the images via drag and drop or alter images using options from the PowerPoint Drawing Tools.

Risk clipart

The Risky Tightrope Template is available for Microsoft PowerPoint for PC and Mac, as well as Apple’s Keynote application for iPad and Mac.


Go to Presenter Media – Risky Tightrope Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Risky Tightrope Template (Widescreen)

Chart for risk assessment plan

Risky Tightrope Animated Clipart

This is a customizable animated clipart which you can incorporate in your presentations by adding custom text to the animation from the Presenter Media link given below. You can also change the color of the text to match your template’s theme color, company logo or a relevant image that you might require using with the animated clipart. To change the color of the text, use the ‘Adjust Color’ (TINT) option before downloading the image.

This animation is downloadable as a GIF animation, as well as in SWF (Flash) and MOV formats.

Go to Presenter Media – Risky Tightrope Animated Clipart

Customizable risk animated clipart