When it comes to leaving a positive impression on your audience or to cheer up the mood of your colleagues, all it takes is some sunshine! Ray of Sunshine is a template for Keynote and PowerPoint which can be used for making presentations about hope, a bright outlook, academic presentations to cheer up the class and even presentations about travel, tourism or the summer season.

Give Your Presentations Some Sunshine!

Like the previously reviewed Summers Here PowerPoint Template, the Ray of Sunshine Template for PowerPoint and keynote is also generic which makes it perfect for a variety of topics, which can even include business presentations.


Animated ray of sunshine PowerPoint template

Create Attractive Slides Using Animations

The layouts are of the type that you can adjust them for making comparisons, timelines and also give a nice clean look to your text heavy slides.

Sunshine animations

The template is animated, which means that various animations come pre-rendered in the slide which mix with the added content. All you have to do is to add text and images to the placeholders to complement the animations. You can also add additional placeholders or content outside the given textboxes.


Sunshine slide design

Present Your Topic With Interesting Slide Designs

With a wide variety of slide designs, the template gives you ample scope to present your topic using interesting methods. For example, you can list key points on the sun rays of the slide shown below and make it easy for your audience to follow a concept. Furthermore, presenting content in such a manner can also enable you to keep your audience interested in your presentation with the aid of eye-catching slide designs.

sunshine themed animated slides

You can download the Animated Ray of Sunshine in Standard and Widescreen format for:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iPad

Go to Presenter Media – Ray of Sunshine Template (Standard Edition)

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