The Animated Electronic Signature Template for PowerPoint provides slides depicting an electronic signature being unlocked with a finger swipe. The template provides animations, clipart and a variety of useful layouts suitable for making presentations related to technology, electronic signature verification, BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, etc.

Reveal Presentation Title With Electronic Signature Animation

The opening slide shows a finger swipe unlocking a tablet, with the option to add custom text on the tablet device depicted in the slide. This custom text can be your PowerPoint Presentation title to start off your topic with an interesting animation.

Animated electronic signature template for PowerPoint

Diverse Slide Layouts

The following slides provide useful resources like clipart of colorful tablet frames which can be used across your electronic signature slides, as well as layouts for making charts, bullet lists, comparison slides, text heavy slides and the like.

Tablet clipart

Use a Blend of Animated and Static Slides

Other than animated slides the template also contains static versions of the same slide types to allow users to use a blend of animated and static slides or just the ones they find more appropriate for their presentation, hence, making it possible to create either standalone animated or static presentations or a presentation that contains a mix of both animated and static slides. While preparing a presentation for electronic signature, these graphics can make a big difference in communicating the message effectively to an audience.

Tablet layouts

You can download this template for these presentation apps and operating systems:

  • PowerPoint for Windows
  • PowerPoint for Mac OS
  • Keynote for Mac OS
  • Keynote for iOS ( iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Electronic Signature Template for PowerPoint

Bar chart on Tablet

Human Finger Clipart

This is a static clipart image which can be integrated into slides to explain topics related to technology and electronic signatures. You can download this image in a desired custom resolution in JPG or PNG format. The image is also customizable and you can change the color of the hand using the customization options available at the Presenter Media website (see link given below).


Go to Presenter Media – Human Finger Clipart

Human finger clipart

Hand Number Five Clipart

This is another clipart that can be used for digital signature and technology themed presentations. The clipart shows a white hand tearing out of a paper, revealing five fingers which can be symbolic for anything related to number five or you can also depict the hand as a robotic or artificial hand.

Go to Presenter Media –  Hand Number Five Clipart

Hand number five clipart