In a presentation one requires tracing a topic from beginning to end, where the audience has to follow breadcrumbs or footsteps. You can put this analogy pretty much in literal terms by depicting footsteps in your presentation slides. Below is a collection of some interesting animations and footsteps clipart for PowerPoint which can help you add some mystery to your slides.

Magnify Those Footsteps Animated Clipart

This animation is available in GIF and popular video formats. The animation shows a stick figure with a magnifying glass, analyzing footprints.

Footsteps animated clipart for PowerPoint

The video version of this animation can be downloaded as a Flash or MOV video file and used in presentations, blog posts, video advertisements, etc.

Video animation added to PowerPoint slide

Hence, you can either use this animation in presentation slides or edit it with a video editing software for use in personal projects. The supported formats for this animation include the following:

  • GIF (Image)
  • SWF (Flash)
  • MOV (Apple QuickTime)

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Footsteps animation for PowerPoint

Red Footsteps Animated Clipart

This animated clipart shows footprints recurrently appearing and disappearing. The animation is downloadable as a GIF image and in video formats. You can add textboxes and images along with this animation to customize your slides to present your ideas in an attention grabbing manner.

Red footsteps animated clip art

You can also change the color of the animated footprints, by going to the developer’s website link given below. To change color, go to the Adjust Color option and select a desired color. Other customization options include the ability to adjust the brightness, saturation, reflection and shadow. You can also keep a custom height and width before downloading the animated clipart and pick a loop type. This animated clipart is available in these formats:

  • GIF (Image)
  • SWF (Flash)
  • MOV (Apple QuickTime)

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Customize red footsteps clip art

Pair of Boot Prints Clipart

This static clip art image shows two boot footprints. You can download this clip art in JPG or PNG format in different resolutions from the link given below. This clipart can be easily mixed with your presentation images and text to provide visual aid to a topic where it might be relevant. This clipart has almost the same customization options as the animations mentioned above, i.e. you can adjust the color of the footprints, customize the height, width, brightness and saturation.

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Pair of boot clipart