Since the inception of PowerPoint, it has been used for educational purposes. One of the most popular ways for teachers to use PowerPoint has been to make a Jeopardy-style trivia game using the program’s slideshow mode. It is actually designed by the teachers for students of all ages.

Jeopardy PowerPoint

It is of no doubt that Jeopardy PowerPoint is a magnificent and an exciting way to review your content in a way that students get really excited about. It actually looks like the game show but has been altered for classroom use. By clicking on the category, an answer will be displayed on the screen. Then click on the screen and the correct student response will be displayed. This helps everyone in the room to know what the response has to be. Further on, click on the button and you are brought back to the game board.

  • Indeed, PowerPoint Jeopardy is simple to edit. Any individual can create their own game. All you require to do is to edit the text in the PowerPoint presentation and the rest will be handled by the program itself. You can easily create your own personalized game that best fits your curriculum and class.
  • Some amazing features of PowerPoint Jeopardy are daily doubles, sounds from the game, once selected game board numbers blank, final and regular jeopardy. The major feature of Jeopardy is that it becomes easier for both students and teachers to make learning and teaching simpler.
  • As a teacher you are always striving to find the best ways to make learning more fun and interesting for your students but sometimes this can be difficult and time consuming. But by using Jeopardy games you will actually see students enjoying reading lessons and will notice improvement in their attention.
  • The PowerPoint Jeopardy has a dynamic set up. Because, it has a lock or don’t lock game board buttons, click to select daily double placement, turn off/on sounds individually, blank or don’t blank game board buttons and show or don’t show questions.

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You can download PowerPoint Jeopardy Templates from the link given below.

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