Chrome discontinued support for NPAPI which caused that many tools that depended on Java or Silverlight stopped to work. Many popular Word Cloud generator tools depended on Java or Silverlight to function, however there are many other alternatives available that you can use to generate friendly Word Clouds in Chromebooks.

Innovation Word Cloud Illustration

Here are some of the best Word Cloud generator tools that can be used to generate a Word Cloud picture for your presentations.


The free version has a good selection of word cloud styles and shapes to use. A font can be choosed as well as some color variants and the ability to resize words along the canvas. It is free but you’d need to create an account or login with a Google Account. The word cloud pictures can be saved and accessed later for edit.


Word Cloud Generator


It is an extension for Google Chrome that will add a pane in the sidebar and you can generate a word cloud from the words based on a document (Google Docs) or web page.

ABCya Word Clouds for Kids

Even if this tool was created for kids and early elementary, it can be a powerful tool for anyone needing to make a word cloud picture for PowerPoint or Google Slides.  The way it works is simple, enter a list of words into the textarea and click Create.


It has enough features like customization options for layouts, font face as well as color options. The final output can be saved as a JPG file and no login is required to use the tool.


TagCrowd is a word cloud maker that will generate the output as a text output. It can be exported as a PDF document or HTML. This enables the word cloud to be embedded in any web page, for instance.


It has some basic options to configure the output. You can configure the maximum number of words to show, the minimum frequency as well as some other options to group similar words or convert the case to lowercase or use the original case instead.

tag-crowd-word-cloud tag-crowd

Jason Davies’ Word Cloud Tool

For technical people, this is one of the best word cloud makers online. It has some nice advanced options that let you customize the output, including spiral options, scale, orientation angle, number of words limit, and the opportunity to download as a SVG.


The orientation options and input to enter the angle range allows you to generate some original word cloud pictures with words in any desired angle.


It is possible to enter the font face to be used for the words. Finally, you can download the resulting word cloud picture as a SVG file.