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How To Get Keynote On Windows

Keynote is pretty much an app exclusive for Apple products. This means that if you are a Windows user, viewing or editing Keynote files without an Apple device might appear nearly impossible. However, there is not only a very simple method to get Keynote on Windows but it’s a method offered by Apple itself. In […]

How To Create Animated Billboard in PowerPoint

Billboards are meant to attract the attention of people on the road to advertise products and services, to send out a social message or to campaign for a cause. There is no reason why you can’t use billboards the same way in your presentations. In this tutorial we will show you how to create an […]

How To Play A Video Inside A Picture Frame in PowerPoint

You might think that adding a video in a presentation might help you give elaborate details about your presentation topic with facts, figures and animations. Inserting a video within a presentation can save the presenter the hassle of going through basic details about the topic. But playing a video alone is not as good as […]

How To Link PowerPoint Slides Using Buttons

Action buttons can be added on the Home slide or across different slides to make navigation easy when presenting your presentation. This is a much better way of going about your slides instead of jumping to and from different slides back and forth, which can look quite unprofessional. In this post we will show you […]

Animated Medical PowerPoint Template

There are very few medical templates which can help in making a patient’s medical assessment or a medical presentation. The Animated Medical PowerPoint Template that we will feature in this post provides a complete toolkit for making any type of medical presentation.

Animated Moonlight Reflection PowerPoint Templates

Moonlight themed background imagery can have a soothing effect on the viewer and hence can be useful for a variety of presentation topics. The Animated Moonlight Reflection PowerPoint Templates we have compiled in this post can be used for presentations related to navigation, sea, the environment, for making storyboards in PowerPoint and even for presenting […]

How To Create GIFs For Presentations Using Imgur GIF Creator

In order to get the best out of your presentation you need to strike the balance between providing relevant information and making your presentation more engaging in nature. If as a presenter, you are able to engage your audience, you would be astonished with the results that present themselves.

How To Send A Word Document To PowerPoint As Slides

Creating presentations often comes across as a cumbersome task. But, what if I told you that there is a way that you can create the content of your slides in a Word Document? Confused, Well don’t be, with a little tweak in your MS Word you can easily transfer your document to PowerPoint and it will […]

How To Create Christmas Clipart With Custom Message

It’s always nice to have some Clipart images at your disposal that you can use for the holiday season and Christmas celebrations. However, when making professional presentations it’s always good to be able to add your own custom message and branding to the content. Fortunately, it is much easier to do that than you might […]

Tips To Use PowerPoint Effectively

PowerPoint has become an essential requirement for business people to deliver awesome presentations in order to impress the target audience. But, sometimes the presentations created to impress the audience can result in a bad, dull and boring PowerPoint.

Animated Aboriginal Art Template For PowerPoint And Keynote

If you are looking to create a presentation about arts, native cultures, travel, tourism and particularly the Australian Aboriginal culture then you should check out the Aboriginal Artwork Template for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Tips And Tricks For Giving A Presentation Using Your iPad

With the advancement in the technology sector, gone are the days when you require a laptop or a desktop to give presentations. Now, you can easily create and give your presentations with the help of your Apple iPad as well. Your Apple iPad will allow you to create attractive presentations for educational and professional purposes.