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Animated School Kids PowerPoint Template

School children need visual aid and an interesting lecture to stay attentive in class. The use of PowerPoint in classrooms has presented both an opportunity and challenge to make use of visual appeal to keep children glued to their seats. Sometimes, the use of imagery that children can relate to can be a good way […]

ActiVote: Clicker Based Audience Response System For Classrooms

Some teachers might want to engage students using interesting methods to ensure that everyone is fully engaged in the classroom. Moreover, as a teacher you might also want to look into ways to assess the competence of each student prior to a major exam. ActiVote is a clicker based audience response system that can be […]

School Bus Infographics PowerPoint Template

One of the symbolic images for presenting a school is a school bus. Hence, a school bus can be a good central theme for making presentations related to school, education, students, etc.

Animated Isometric School PowerPoint Template

We recently brought you a brief overview of the isometric PowerPoint templates released by Presenter Media. In this post we will take a look at the features of one of these templates.

Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates

Chalkboard themed templates can be ideal for delivering class lectures and making educational presentations or e-learning courses. If you need a nice chalkboard slide design for your next presentation, then here are some Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates for you.

Creative Back To School Template for PowerPoint Presentations with Animated Effects

It’s time to go back to school and present your ideas. Interestingly, this can be said for both teachers and students, as presentations have become an integral part of academic activities due to the ease they provide in presenting information.

How To Choose A Topic For Your School Presentation

While in school, time flies by. The lectures, the sports, the frolics and fun as if keep us from realizing how swiftly the year goes by. And eventually comes that time of the year when irrespective of whether you have been attending or missing out on classes, you have the chance to score big on […]

An Interesting Insight On Jeopardy PowerPoint Games

Since the inception of PowerPoint, it has been used for educational purposes. One of the most popular ways for teachers to use PowerPoint has been to make a Jeopardy-style trivia game using the program’s slideshow mode. It is actually designed by the teachers for students of all ages.

What is The Process Of Writing A Comparison And Contrast Essay?

Comparison and contrast essays are one of the biggest types in academic writing. These are created by keeping some specific question in mind and are comparatively easy to complete. The main purpose of these types of writings is to analyze the differences and similarities of two different subjects in such a way that they are […]

College Plus: Personalized Higher Education Solutions For Students

In order to help students pursue educational opportunities and go to college, College Plus is a magnificent platform. It actually delivers a highly personalized study experience for each and every student who enrolls for it. Not just this, it offers higher education solutions for scholars above the age of 14.