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Animated Diamond Shapes PowerPoint Template

If you need something unique and eye-catching for your next presentation, you might want to check out the Animated Diamond Shapes PowerPoint Template. This template delivers unique presentation layouts with animated sequences.

Animated Tabbed PowerPoint Template

Since PowerPoint is yet to sprout tabs like most modern applications, we have been providing you with various workarounds to get tabs for PowerPoint. In previous posts we showed you how to add tabs to Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as brought you tab themed PowerPoint templates. More recently, we came across the Tab Navigation Presentation […]

Animated Moonlight Reflection PowerPoint Templates

Moonlight themed background imagery can have a soothing effect on the viewer and hence can be useful for a variety of presentation topics. The Animated Moonlight Reflection PowerPoint Templates we have compiled in this post can be used for presentations related to navigation, sea, the environment, for making storyboards in PowerPoint and even for presenting […]

Animated Falling Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

Animations that depict hope and mystery can help you make your conventional presentation topics more interesting and even help you make PowerPoint storyboards. The Fairy Rain animation by Presenter Media brings an interesting take towards making presentations.

Animated PowerPoint Template With Torn Page Effect

The Animated Torn Designer Template for PowerPoint is a template by Presenter Media which provides animated slides with the torn page effect. The template provides a series of torn pages and inserts with layouts that can be moulded for any presentation topic due to their generic nature.

Caveman Clipart And Video Animation For PowerPoint

For presentations that require some novelty, concepts like caves and caveman can help you symbolically present ideas with a fresh take on an old and boring topic. We have compiled some interesting Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint, as well as a customizable video animation that you can incorporate in your presentations related to business, technology, history […]

Office Sway: The New Presentation App By Microsoft

Ideas are seamless and so should be their expression, this is the basic thought behind Microsoft’s new web based content publication cum presentation creation application, Office Sway.

Tips And Tricks For Giving A Presentation Using Your iPad

With the advancement in the technology sector, gone are the days when you require a laptop or a desktop to give presentations. Now, you can easily create and give your presentations with the help of your Apple iPad as well. Your Apple iPad will allow you to create attractive presentations for educational and professional purposes.

Engaging Speeches For Maximum Audience Participation

In order to make a presentation or give a speech a person needs to bear in mind the kind of audience that he is catering to and the level to which they know about the topic of discussion for that day. To make a 90 minute presentation follow through smoothly the audience needs to be […]

Make Your Audience Connect With Your Speech With An Effective Presentation

A few years back, at the time of delivering a speech, no presentations were used. However, nowadays while delivering a speech, a PowerPoint Presentation is often used. In fact, these days it has become very important to create a presentation to make people listen to your speech.

Biggest Mistakes Seasoned Orators Make

There are some really great speakers out there, speakers that have been motivating and initiating action amongst people for a long time. We can all agree on one thing that the level of confidence that we possess increases with every speech that we deliver and soon before we know this confidence starts to go a […]

Motivating Your Students Using The Power Of Speech

Delivering motivating speeches is the best way to encourage your students. Words have all the power that can paint an inspiring picture of what is possible. An inspiring speech has full power to motivate not only students but any person on the globe and stimulate him for various purposes.