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Animated PDCA Cycle PowerPoint Template

A Deming Cycle aka PDCA Cycle refers to a four step business methodology of continuous improvement. PDCA entails planning according to set goals, executing the plan (Do), checking results to see if desired results are being achieved, and to act accordingly. For those of you looking to make slide decks based on the Deming Cycle, you […]

How To Create A Picture Bullet List in PowerPoint

A good presenter can often be identified by the way he use his bullet lists. Instead of text heavy slides many presenters look to chip in information in the form of bullet lists, which can be verbally explained in detail. However, bullet lists can suffer from the problem of not having enough information tied to them, making […]

Best Web Services For Making Animated Presentations

I was once helping one of my classmates with a video presentation clip for a university project when I was asked if I can make an animation for her. Questions like these are often posed by novice computer users as they seem to lack the understanding about the complexities of creating animated content. Moreover, some […]

In The Spotlight Animated PowerPoint Template

Sometimes it’s important to highlight certain parts of a topic during a presentation by using methods which can help highlight key points. In The Spotlight Animated PowerPoint Template can help you do just that. This multi-purpose animated template for PowerPoint provides spotlight animations, where key parts of your content can be highlighted with the aid […]

How To Create GIFs For Presentations Using Imgur GIF Creator

In order to get the best out of your presentation you need to strike the balance between providing relevant information and making your presentation more engaging in nature. If as a presenter, you are able to engage your audience, you would be astonished with the results that present themselves.

Caveman Clipart And Video Animation For PowerPoint

For presentations that require some novelty, concepts like caves and caveman can help you symbolically present ideas with a fresh take on an old and boring topic. We have compiled some interesting Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint, as well as a customizable video animation that you can incorporate in your presentations related to business, technology, history […]

Animated Logo PowerPoint Templates

Badges, banners and logos can be hard to design for presentation slides. Sometimes, using a logo or badge like slide layout can help create nice looking introductory slides for formal presentations. Seminars, banquets and award ceremonies for instance, require slide layouts which seem regal, yet formal.

Create Mobile Sales Presentations With Presentate

‘It is all about Presentation’, some wise guy once said and it holds true for anything and everything. In the world we live in presentations have become an integral part of our lives. From students to professionals everyone needs to tackle the dreaded slideshow quintuple times at the least.

Animated Election Time PowerPoint Template

In the wake of the latest elections in your country you might be asked to prepare a presentation at school or might require a presentation template to make a convincing case for your preferred candidate; be it at a formal event, high school election campaign or political event.

Tips To Use PowerPoint Effectively

PowerPoint has become an essential requirement for business people to deliver awesome presentations in order to impress the target audience. But, sometimes the presentations created to impress the audience can result in a bad, dull and boring PowerPoint.

How To Use IPhone To Deliver Mind Blowing Presentations

A good business presentation is must in order to accomplish your goals and reach new prospective and get potential customers. As the technology is advancing every next day, the ideas of delivering presentation are also evolving. These days, as every individual is aware of, the demand of Apple iPhone has been increasing and the developers […]

Animated Arrows PowerPoint Template

Arrows are used in diagrams, illustrations and charts to depict specific trends. Arrows are particularly handy when making presentations related to business or statistical trends of any kind. The Animated Arrows PowerPoint Template is a complete package when you might need using arrows to depict different aspects of your topic.