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Landscape Video Animations For PowerPoint Presentations

May 23, 2016

Video background templates usually have a standalone video slide which runs in the backdrop, with text and images displayed on top of the video slide. A video animation of this type can have many uses. You can make stunning title slides, represent a topic with a symbolic video background or set the mood for your […]

SlideModel: Exclusive Business PowerPoint Templates With Editable Diagrams

May 20, 2016

While a quick search on the Office Templates Gallery reveals a plethora of interesting PowerPoint Templates, most of the given templates are hardly anything extraordinary. This is because neither does Microsoft offer a variety of business diagram templates nor are the diagrams (if any) usually editable. This makes it tedious for presenters to create diagrams […]

Best PowerPoint Remote Apps For Android

PowerPoint remotes have been around for quite some time. The conventional presentation remotes usually cost anything around $10 to $70 or so. However, by using free Android apps you can not only save yourself the cost of buying a presentation remote but also get some nifty features which may help you use PowerPoint features remotely […]

Presenter App: Easy To Use PowerPoint Remote For Android

May 18, 2016

If you were to go looking for a PowerPoint remote app on the Google Play Store, you might find several apps with complex settings, with no idea if the app is even going to work. If you want a simple PowerPoint remote for Android, a very simple app that you can use is Presenter.

Animated Arrows Infographic Template For PowerPoint

May 16, 2016

When you require presenting a sequence of data or a timeline of events, a presentation is more than likely to consist of slides which can end up being quite boring. This is because representing and interpreting data can often result in the audience getting lost in translation. In such a case it can help to […]

Animated Loudspeaker PowerPoint Template

May 13, 2016

A loudspeaker illustration often signifies freedom of speech, an important announcement or a personal opinion. Animated Loudspeaker PowerPoint Template gives loudspeaker illustrations as editable slide objects. This animated template gives various sample layouts which can be used for making anything from regular text-heavy slides to infographics, comparison slides, timelines and more.

Annotate Slides Using Animations With Highlighter PowerPoint Template

May 9, 2016

Sometimes it’s imperative to annotate slides to ensure that essential points are duly highlighted in each slide. This can help better explain certain points and also makes the audience more attentive towards certain aspects of your presentation. For real-time annotation you can use the various tools we covered in our list about the best annotation […]

Zoom Slide Management Software

May 6, 2016

Imagine you are a sales representative working in an organization which has loads of data saved across a network drive. Now imagine that each time a customer calls you need to fetch information from various files to send him/her a detailed overview of the service or products being offered. It can be a lot easier […]

Animated PowerPoint Infographic Template With Circle Diagrams

May 2, 2016

You might have seen those circular diagrams of the ecosystem in a science book at school. Circle diagrams are often used for representing a number of key concepts related to topics tied to biology, business, sales, etc. Whether you need to create a diagram of a Product Life Cycle or want to present the food […]

Best PowerPoint Animations For Custom Branding

April 29, 2016

Animations can always help make presentations more interesting. And what works even better than animations are animations with your custom branding. Adding your own logo and custom text can make a video animation more personalized. Here are our recommendations for the best PowerPoint animations for custom branding.

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