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Best PowerPoint Add-ins For Professional Presenters

Professional presenters have a number of requirements which default PowerPoint add-ins cannot cater for. This is why there are a number of add-ins which can help fill the gap and supercharge PowerPoint to help create better presentations. Here are five best PowerPoint add-ins for professional presenters which can help create and present PowerPoint presentations more […]

Best Election & Vote Clipart For PowerPoint

Almost every year there are elections in one country or another. And if you count domestic elections too; the number of yearly elections on a global scale increase exponentially. This might mean that there are teachers who might want to educate students regarding the importance of elections or people might be looking for election clipart […]

Animated Search Infographic Creator PowerPoint Template

We have previously brought you a number of Infographic Creator PowerPoint Templates which provide an easy mechanism for making infographics slides using PowerPoint. We have yet another template which can be perfectly incorporated with a number of presentation topics for creating custom infographics, especially related to topics about technology, the internet, web search, computers, networking, […]

Law Enforcement & Police Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to make presentations related to law enforcement or the police, you might be looking for some good clipart that can act as visual aid for your slides. We have just what you need. The law enforcement and police clipart for PowerPoint presentations listed below comes with 3D graphics, which can help you […]

Animated Traffic Signal Template For PowerPoint

Traffic signals are everywhere, literally! And yet, they are perhaps one of the most underappreciated devices. Images of traffic signals aren’t just often used to talk about traffic, driving rules and regulations or road safety but also symbolically. A traffic light might be used to describe when to start, hold or stop an activity or […]

Animated Educational Infographics Template For PowerPoint

Teaching can be a difficult profession. It can not only be hard to teach school children but even university students. In fact, teaching probably gets tougher as you teach older students. Thankfully, there are a number of ways we can make learning fun and intuitive using technology. Such as by using interesting teaching methods using PowerPoint […]

Animated Stairs PowerPoint Template

When making presentations about business, sales, success, career development, etc; you might want to use stairs to reflect upon the concept of progress. Stairs Information Goal is the name of an animated slide deck which gives stairway themed presentation slides.

MyPoint PowerPoint Remote Turns iPhone into a Presentation Remote

If you want to be a professional presenter, one of the essential tools you should get used to is a presentation remote. Maintaining eye contact with your audience is quite important. The last thing you want to do is to move back and forth to tap a key on your computer to switch a slide. […]

Shielding From Fire Video Animation For PowerPoint

Sometimes when a business runs into trouble, saving it from failure is like shielding it from fire. Shielded from Fire Custom Text Video Animation for PowerPoint is a template which can be customized using your own text within the animation. The PowerPoint animation depicts a shield facing fire, with space for adding text or an […]

Animated Creative Shapes Infographic PowerPoint Template

If you are someone who requires cramming in a lot of related data in the form of presentation slides, it might be best to create infographic slides. We have previously covered a number of Animated infographic Templates for PowerPoint which can help you create data-driven slides in the form of easy to understand infographics. Many […]

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