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Animated Mountaineer PowerPoint Template

November 28, 2015

Climbing a mountain is no easy task. In fact, mountaineering is considered as one of the most difficult endeavors one can undertake. The Animated Mountaineer PowerPoint Template is the name of an animated PowerPoint template, which perfectly illustrates subjects like mountain climbing, hardship, strength, planning and success.

School Bus Infographics PowerPoint Template

November 26, 2015

One of the symbolic images for presenting a school is a school bus. Hence, a school bus can be a good central theme for making presentations related to school, education, students, etc.

Roadmap Template For PowerPoint With Weather Animations

November 13, 2015

Project roadmaps are not always about the smooth sequence of a project. There are sunny days with positive results and storms that affect the venture. Uphill Road is an excellent slide deck with weather animations for making roadmaps and timelines.

Animated Jackpot Winner Template For PowerPoint

November 9, 2015

A lucky break is often accompanied by the exclamation; ‘Jackpot’. A slot machine symbolizes many things, including; bad habits, luck and risk. If you intend to incorporate such symbolism in your next presentation then here is a template that can help you make a killer slide deck! Animated Jackpot Winner Template for PowerPoint is a […]

Create Animated Mind Maps With Head Puzzle PowerPoint Template

November 7, 2015

Mind mapping your ideas can help you gather he raw material required for a plan ahead. Many a times you might require presenting these mind maps for brainstorming sessions or to discuss ideas with the senior management. What can make your mind maps really stand out are some nice layouts, especially animated slide designs.

Animated Cloud Computing PowerPoint Template

November 2, 2015

Cloud computing is a topic that presenters from different fields might find impossible to avoid in coming days. This is because virtually everything linked to the Internet and communication technology falls under the realm of cloud computing in some way. The Animated Cloud Puzzle Template for PowerPoint is a cloud computing themed presentation template with […]

Animated Doodle Timeline PowerPoint Template

October 30, 2015

If you want to make timelines with some novelty to grab your audience’s attention, then you might find doodling as a good option! The Animated Doodle Timeline PowerPoint Template is a timeline slide deck with a mix of animations and static layouts to help you doodle your way to a nice looking presentation.

Office 2016 Mac: New Features And Performance Enhancements

October 26, 2015

Microsoft has been fairly consistent in upgrading the PC editions of Microsoft Office over the years. One can only wonder what took so long to give a proper update to Office for Mac. Better late than never, the latest edition, Office 2016 for Mac is now available.

Animated Spy PowerPoint Templates

October 24, 2015

Data security, privacy and network security are hot topics in the field of information technology. Corporate espionage, hacking attempts and malware issues are more common than one might think. To address such issues and other types of espionage related topics you can add the 007 touch to your PowerPoint slides. The Animated Spy PowerPoint Templates […]

Animated Compass PowerPoint Template

October 19, 2015

If you want to cover topics related to success, motivation, strategy, career or navigation, a compass can be a good symbolic reference. The Success Compass PowerPoint Template comes with a video animation of a compass pointing towards the word ‘success’.