Many newbies find it confusing to create infographics as most people aren’t equipped with the skills to create elaborate illustrations using PhotoShop or CorelDraw. Even if they could, it can take hours of work and even then the final product can be less than adequate as one might lack the skills to gloss up the content.

We have compiled a list of the Best Sites for Creating Infographics. These websites offer easy mechanisms for making infographics. In other words, you can make infographics without knowledge of complex image editing tools, coding or any knowledge of graphics designing.

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Visme aka EWC Presenter is a web app which can help you create online presentations and web apps using readymade templates. This HTML5 powered web app has an easy to use interface which enables users to create professional looking web based content with ease. You can use Visme for making not only infographics but also for designing banner ads, demos, marketing content, etc.



Visme has various paid versions, as well as a free package with limited functionality.

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Infogram is another good web app for making infographics. Unlike Visme, this app is specialized for making infographics. This web app contains various infographic and chart templates which can be edited to create your own content. You can share your infographics online via social media or by using an embed code, as well as download them in PDF or PNG format.


Infogram is a paid service but you can test drive this web service on a 30-day trial basis.


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Slide Model Infographic Templates for PowerPoint

Sometimes all one needs are infographics for a presentation. While adding an image to your slide might do the trick, making one using an editable template can be more easy and fun. SlideModel provides high-quality infographic templates for PowerPoint users. These templates are customizable enough to allow editing of virtually all objects within slides, which allows you to create infographics by adding text and images and rearranging slide objects using drag and drop.

SlideModel infographic templates for PowerPoint

SlideModel provides not only infographic templates but a range of PowerPoint Templates related to virtually any category you can think of.

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This website contains templates for making infographics and charts. has a simple canvas where you can pick a theme, add objects and create visualizations in no time. It has many elaborate options but the editing features aren’t all that intimidating and you will get a hang of them in no time. is a free service and you can get started by making an account or log in using Facebook or Google.

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As the name suggests, this is a website for making charts and other types of visualizations. Just login, pick a theme, add content and you can create infographics and charts using a variety of tools, including shapes, text formatting options and graphics. Piktochart offers a free account with a variety of features. You can optionally update for more features should you wish to access more elaborate options.

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