Business portfolios are often presented and created in PowerPoint to instantly share with clients. Many organizations as a standard practice create portfolios in PowerPoint or at least get them converted into a presentation format once the design is complete. However, not every organization has the budget to hire an expert designer to create a portfolio or get a business presentation designed. Our pick for a premium Animated Company Portfolio PowerPoint Template can help you design company portfolios and business presentations with ease.

Animated business silhouette PowerPoint template


Create a Comprehensive Company Portfolio in PowerPoint

With this animated template, you can create a visually appealing company profile to share with clients. The sample slides provide a guide for creating a comprehensive company portfolio. With more than a dozen slides, you can pick and choose the ones that best suit your needs and create a company portfolio with an overview of your services, team, projects, achievements, trends, etc.

Business slides and colorful infographics

Editable Diagram Slides

There are a number of slides that also allow creating custom diagrams and infographics by editing the sample layouts. You can pick and edit objects, as well as move them around via drag and drop. To customize the color of an object, use the formatting options from the PowerPoint Ribbon menu.

Think outside the box


There are also sample diagrams for making a SWOT analysis, business plan, roadmap, etc. You can also change the title and subheadings of sample slides to give them a format that meets your requirements.

SWOT analysis for a company profile

Many of the sample slides can also be edited to change the default narrative of the slide. You can use the various generic diagram slides to create something that describes the trends, projects, objectives, and other fine details regarding your company. The template also comes with sample icons and clipart that can be copied from sample slides for reuse.

Business chart with icons

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