Presentation templates about real estate, construction, and industrial machinery aren’t as common as presentation templates on other topics such as business, finance, education, etc. A good premium template with relevant clipart and animated layouts can be quite a suitable fit for presentations about construction projects, urban and town planning. One such premium template is the Construction Zone PowerPoint Template. This construction work related PowerPoint Template provides imagery related to a construction zone, with relevant clipart and layouts.

Construction Related Animated Slides

The opening slide depicts a hard hat and a safety vest, along with images of roadblocks. The slide elements are revealed in animated form along with your added presentation title to set the tone for the presentation. You can also edit and replace some of the slide objects to customize your opening slide. The same customization options are available across the template, with customizable elements within sample content.

Comparison, Timeline, Roadmap, and Infographic Slides

Some of the slides in this template can be used for making roadmaps, infographics, and even comparisons and timelines. You can make subtle changes to the default design of these slides to suit your presentation topic and create something that can be attention-grabbing due to the pre-defined animations that come with these slides. You can preview these animations from the developer’s website before downloading the template or in SlideShow mode once the template is downloaded.

Some of these slides also come with names of months and space for adding text to explain each month’s progress. These can be edited to create a sequence based on weeks, days, years, or any other format you might prefer.


Construction Clipart

There are clipart images of roadblocks, constructions signs with place for adding custom text, gears, and more. These clipart images can be of immense help in creating slides that resonate with your topic and visually convey a relevant message using the right imagery.

You can mix up your own content with the sample, animated slides to create presentations that can appear professional, impressive, and attention-grabbing.

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