There has been an unprecedented increase in e-commerce transactions over the past decade. This has recently been spearheaded by online shopping due to COVID-19. This also means that a large chunk of that shopping is also coming via mobile devices or m-commerce (mobile commerce). We have an Animated Mobile Commerce PowerPoint Template that can help discuss this digital evolution and present your reports, forecasts, and m-commerce sales figures.

Mobile online shopping powerpoint template

Mobile Commerce Slide Designs

The template provides different types of m-commerce themed illustrations and layouts. These can be used to depict your sales charts, forecasts, and trends. Furthermore, you can discuss your website or e-commerce platform mockups or how your company intends to use mobile commerce to boost sales.

Mobile shopping

There are diagrammatic slides that can be used for making infographics in PowerPoint, to show the flow of users and sales, or to create a mockup of how your m-commerce platform will allow customers to purchase your products using mobile devices. Alternatively, you can combine these animated and visual slides with other e-commerce PowerPoint template designs.

Mobile purchases

When discussing m-commerce, it is also important to understand the layouts and ease of accessibility that customers might have when using your platform. Perhaps this is why the animated mobile presentation template contains several slides that focus on selling and purchasing goods using mobile devices. This is why it makes a good template for online shopping and e-commerce.

M commerce

Animated Mobile Commerce Layouts

With interesting designs and mobile commerce-related layouts, the template gives presenters the utility to create comparison charts, showcase data, and trends, or simply discuss the flow of sales, sales processes or user personas to sell products with targeted campaigns.

Mobile users comparison chart

The template also gives a mobile commerce bar chart where you can show your data using color-coded bar charts. The slides in this template can be edited by using the Ribbon menu and drag and drop. The objects in slides, such as the shapes used to construct illustrations and charts are editable. They can be individually selected for editing slides according to your customization needs.

M commerce chart

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