Media streaming devices and apps have seen a surge over the past two decades. This is because a number of mirroring and streaming devices, apps, and the rise of smartphones led to the increased interest in media streaming by end-users. Not to mention famous video streaming services like YouTube too were introduced during this time. The Animated Media Streaming PowerPoint Template gives sample slides related to media streaming.

Animated media streaming PowerPoint template

Media Streaming Slide Designs

Originally titled Online Streaming Entertainment, this PowerPoint and Keynote template contains slides depicting media streaming devices capable of supporting animated media streaming services. There can be a number of benefits of using these slides. Ranging from making slide decks about a target market to school presentations discussing the rise of media streaming services and devices.

Voice search slide design

Discuss Online and Offline Media Streaming

With the given slides, you can discuss both online and offline media streaming devices, apps, and services. You can further discuss end-users that can be targeted for advertisement or the type of streaming services you might be looking to integrate at the workplace. The slides are generic enough to accommodate all types of topics, be it presentations about devices like Roku, Google Chromecast, or Amazon Firestick or Live streaming platforms that you can use to broadcast your webinar, presentation, product launch, etc.

Media streaming devices

Clipart for Popular Media Streaming Devices

The devices depicted in the template include smartphones, streaming TV, smart speakers, and gaming controllers. You can use the generic imagery with custom text to add context to sample slides. The clipart in the given slides is also reusable. Just copy slide elements to reproduce the content to customize and create custom slides according to need.

Streaming videos online

This template can be previewed from the developer’s page. A demo of the animated slides is available for preview for you to download in a desired format (PowerPoint or Keynote).

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