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Animated World Landmarks PowerPoint Template

January 11, 2017 By Farshad

In this post we will provide you with an overview of a presentation template for PowerPoint which depicts various famous landmarks of the world, such as; the Eiffel Tower of France, Taj Mahal from India, Big Ben from London, the Coliseum from Rome, the Sydney Opera House from Australia, Pyramids from Egypt and the Statue of […]

Splice: Easy To Use Free Video Editing App For iPhone & iPad

January 8, 2017 By Farshad

Sometimes, one might grab a few images or make a short video using an iPhone or iPad. Such a video might need a slight bit of editing to make it usable for a presentation, or to be apart of a collection of memorable moments. In such a case, a video editing app can be of immense […]

Animated Tipping Scales PowerPoint Template

January 2, 2017 By Farshad

Nothing defines the judicial system symbolically than an image of tipping scales. Tipping scales have been symbolically tied to topics like law, justice, arbitration and judgment for as long as any of us can remember. Scales are also used for topics like fair treatment, measurement, size, physics, etc. The Scales Toolkit is a presentation template […]

New Year 2017 Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

December 31, 2016 By Farshad

Somehow, presentations seem to follow us throughout the year. Students might need to prepare presentations just after the New Year for their projects, whereas many people need to provide project progress and future forecasts at the workplace around December and January. When making presentations in January or near the end of the year, you might […]

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