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Awesome Construction Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

July 23, 2016 By Farshad

Presentations related to the economy, real estate and housing market, development projects and a number of other subjects can require some mention of construction. This may include construction aspects of development projects, price of inputs needed to build roads, dams and houses and the like. Below is a list of some awesome construction clipart for […]

5 Best Skype Alternatives For Free Video Conferencing

July 18, 2016 By Farshad

Video conferencing is more common than ever before, thanks to some awesome apps and the rise of high-speed internet connections. When it comes to video conferencing, many people think of Skype, however, not everyone likes Skype for one reason or the other. Some find it too resource hogging, while other simply want something that requires […]

Animated Process Map PowerPoint Template

July 15, 2016 By Farshad

There are very few presentation templates which can be used for depicting different types of processes. Most templates either cater for a specific type of process or are too rigid for customization. This makes it difficult to find a template which can be adapted for depicting different types of processes. The Animated Process Connections PowerPoint […]

Best Modern Design PowerPoint Templates

July 13, 2016 By Farshad

Modern designs have taken the digital world by storm. It is hard to find a website, operating system or application which does not have some elements of the Modern UI and PowerPoint is no exception. Therefore, we compiled a list of Modern design PowerPoint templates for presenters looking to incorporate this kind of designs in their […]

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